Imaginary Warhammer Online: Fairy Land of Dreams by Mr. Meh

Yeap, the title spells it all. As Bootaes has requested, I have answered, with my own “what would I do if I were the big guy in charge in 2010?”

So here’s what you have to do:

Imagine you are the CEO of EA Mythic. You control all. Even the budgets and planning. Next imagine that the ideas you have, have been in process for months even years and are ready to implement this year. The world is yours. No budget, no limits on the back dated planning you have been doing, and endless supply of developers to twist arms and make them do what you want, even if they keep saying “It’s not possible.” Now, what will you do this year? 


I have 3 Main Phases for each season and a work into a special Free Expansion.

Spring – Improved RvR Lakes, UI Mod Adjustments, and Equipment Art

Summer – New Class Introductions, New T4 Forts and New Cities

Fall – 2 New Races with 3 Classes, New Zones

I give you one warning. This is not a summary of ideas. It is a wall of text. Turn back now while you can.



Improved RvR Lakes

Horay, free Renown for Zone Lock, just have to RvDoor real quick and wait for maybe 2 hours, maybe get a VP lock. Fun times. And the NPCs on the BOs and Keeps are super challenging.

Yeah … no. We can’t force the Enemy to come defend. Ultimately, the vast majority of RvR is actually RvE. Every so often we come out to defend, but the zerg wins. And you can’t stop the zerg. Does that mean it should be any less challenging?

1- BOs now have Heroes with smarter tactics and special abilities (like a Dungeon). No Wards. And random type of Heroes too. Just because you killed a special AOE Sorc Hero on Mournfire 2 hours ago, doesn’t mean she will be the same one this time >:)

2- Keeps have improved smarter Heroes with abilities too. As well, you can’t pull them to the balcony. That balcony is for PvP defense only. Prepare for reset anger to ensue. This will hopefully destroy the whole 3rd floor after keep take defense crap. More focus on defensing on the keep room once inside. No more pulling around corners to break Line of Sights.

3- Roaming NPC Parties and WBs. Are you one of 4 WBs in the zone with no opposition? Well, we can’t really force players to come die to your zerg. So if you are going to RvE, here’s a some real RvE. The zone counts the number of opposition on each side. If one side is outnumbered, the zone will introduce roaming parties or WBs of NPC champs lead by Heroes. These armies of NPCs are attracted to Cross Swords on the map and pinged BOs and Keeps. And multiple ones can be summoned at different times. So if that rank 0 unclaimed keep looked like an appetizing free renown for your horde of 4 WBs, the zone won’t let you take it that easy anymore. Be on the defense for roaming NPCs!

4- Tactical BOs. Each keep will have 2 of the BOs correspond to them. One BO grants Ranged Pads and the second offers Ram Pads. So you technically don’t need them to take a keep, but it would be faster if you did have those BOs. If a keep is already under siege, the defending realm can recapture a BO to take away an advantage. Making the attacking army more willing to not zerg the keep and hold strategic points.

UI and Mods

Heavy improvements on the capability of Mods. Many allow exploits and for players to cheat without really even realizing they are.

I’m staring right at you Warbuddy.

Mythic is currently too afraid to take drastic action. Soon it will be like any other FPS, a game filled with a small population of cheaters. I rather have a small population of non-cheaters if I were to choose. Besides looking for people to ban the fuck out of, coding will be placed in to stop these mods and future ones.

The mod system was set in for options like Tome Titan, Clock, Range Checker, Miracle Grow. Not to allow you to warp 15 feet away when in danger, or to allow you to cast 8 attacks a second.

Equipment Art

This actually was started already. Back in the summer Mythic pinged the community on thoughts. These addition will be added in.

As well, a feature that allows you to choose what you want to equipment to look like before you equip it. Your Tome will save what skins you have unlocked. Each item has a skin it unlocks. So if you are wearing Annihilator and you have just picked up a Sentinel piece, you will be able to choose if that Sentinel piece looks like the set: Sentinel, Annihilator, or lower tier items. You can’t select Conqueror, unless you have unlocked that piece. This allows a player to customize their look, as well as have some fashion even if they have to upgrade.

Also, IC and Altdorf now have merchants that allow a player to adjust their face. Want that eye patch? Now you can.

Woot, customization. So damn simple an imaginary CEO could do it.



New Classes

To start, all servers now allow you to have 15 player slots, instead of 10. Just because we know you can’t stop experimenting.

We currently have 4 archetypes. Tank, Melee, Ranged, Healer

And then multiple sub-types: Physical, Magical, Pet, Buffer, De-Buffer, Ass-holes

Melee kill squishies. Enemy of Casters and Healers.
Ranged kill and annoy everything. But are the easy enemy of Melee and Healers.
Healers make easy friends with Tanks for protection.
And Tanks run around overpowered and are destroyers of Fun for everyone else with annoying CCs. Not really, but only having BW and Sorcs for their destruction is not a good answer. Especially since 2 tanks can buff up their Magic Defenses.

 Melee can spec for AOE, Armor By-Pass, or something special. Attacks can be increased Strength (Physical Melee), Ballistic Skill (Physical Ranged), Intelligence (Magical). And you can build defense types under Weapon Skill (Parry Physical Melee), Initiative (Dodge Physical Ranged), Willpower (Disrupt Magical). However there is really nothing that overrides Block, to an extent.

The introduction of Anti-Tank classes are needed, as well as some fun mirror classes.


Dwarf: The HammererHeavy Armor Melee – Special Ability: By Pass Block and Parry. Once supposed to be in the Slayer’s spot, the art and beginnings for establishing this class are already in foot. Unlike other non-stealth Melee types, the Hammerer does not have an AOE path in its tree. Its main focus, kill the tanks. If nothing else, knock off their guards. So an easier answer to, I can’t kill that guy, he’s guarded. You don’t have to kill the Tank, just keep his guard in check (hint hint at the first boss of ToVL). This class uses heavy armor because it lacks charge abilities. It’s best compared to a better improved 2 hander tank, with better abilities for single target killing. But still not as effective at killing casters like its light weight melee counter parts.

Empire: Sage Wizard – Cloth Caster Healer – Special Ability: AOE De-Buff. The Sage Wizard is one of the Nature. He or she has embraced the frailness of life and is quick to make sure you remember it, whether friend or foe. Mastery Trees focus on being more spec’d for heals, de-buffs or Elemental Cast.

High Elf: Bowman – Light Armor Ranged – Special Ability: Detaunt Auras. Unlike the Shadow Warrior, the Bowman is not as skilled in firing while moving and defending with a sword. But where the Shadow Warrior has better survivability, the Bowman of the Asuryan can devastate an enemy with its pure power, even if that means having cast times. The Bowman has a special ability that detaunts enemies from their current target. It no longer takes a tank or a healer to help a friendly survive.


Orcs and Goblins: Ed Shrink’r – Cloth Caster Healer – Special Ability: I’s goins no’wer. The Shammans and Casters of the Orks are plentiful. But where the intelligence and cowardess of the Goblins exceeds that of their bigger counter parts, the will of the Orcs for the Waaaaghhh far exceeds. Instead of Detaunting, the Ed Shrink’r makes it so everyone hits you for more damage. Grabbing his attention is probably not a good thing. Plus he can heal you, but that really depends on how many heads he can get if you live.

Chaos: Hordesman – Light Armor Skirmish Ranged/Melee – Special Ability: Pillage. The warriors of the north may all have a similar goal, but their paths to get there are quite different. Where their Maurader counterparts have taken to Mutation and straight on flinging themselves into the fray, the Hordesman uses semi-ranged (under 65 feet) axe throws at their targets to first hex or ailment their target and then can finish them in hand to hand. This class will be closer to the Shadow Warrior just without the stance mechanic.

Dark Elf: Executioner – Heavy Armor Melee – Special Ability: By Pass Block and Parry.  Unlike other non-stealth Melee types, the Hammerer does not have an AOE path in its tree. Its main focus, kill the tanks. If nothing else, knock off their gaurds. So an easier answer to, I can’t kill that guy, he’s guarded. You don’t have to kill the Tank, just keep his guard in check (hint hint at the first boss of ToVL). This class uses heavy armor because it lacks charge abilities. It’s best compared to a better improved 2 hander tank, with better abilities for single target killing. But still not as effective at killing casters like its light wieght melee counter parts.


Forts were removed due to their heavy lag and possible server crash capabilities. Besides the fact that even a lightly defended Fort was unable to be captured and city pushes were almost impossible. However, without them we can see that the amount of time it takes to get to a city is about as long as it takes to ride there. This was probably not the intention.

Forts used to be glorified keeps. However, because they are center points for RvR, they attract alot more attention. And even matches in a keep can either be fun or lag out frustrations. Forts were always the later.

Basically this go, Forts are more simple. Instead of a rank restriction, the Forts are restricted by Wards. Specifically Lesser Wards. Unless Fully Lesser Warded, you are subject to that of being in a dungeon and not having the proper wards, you are basically an instant shot to Guards and/or your damage is reduced by the percent of Wards you have.

Once in the Fort the courtyards will have 3 different PQs, besides the main stage of the Inner Sanctum. These PQs will be placed near each of the doors. Each PQ has the chance to win bags containing Conqueror Gear. The Attacking Realm must complete atleast 2 PQs to be able to damage the Inner Sanctum. Each PQ has unique stages and needs. Besides the kill so many of these, these PQs will be setup to challenge the attacking force while still maintaining an ease and slack just enough to make the defense of players challenging. Defenders will be hard pressed to move too far from the inner, but will also be rewarded with Conqueror Bags for successfully defending these PQs. If the defenders can foil atleast 2 PQs for the attackers, the attack will be unable to move to the Inner. A greater amount of NPCs will spawn and wipe the remaining attackers before resetting the doors.

PQs also generate greater NPC stats based on the surrounding player base. Zerging one PQ at a time will be more difficult than attacking each with separate parties. Each PQ will be setup as optimally for 12 players. Though more can participate, the stats of NPCs will increase as a result. Each defender that enters in the area of the PQ will not set that stat increase by each extra player the attacker has. So 24 attacking the PQ will not suffer NPC stat penalties if 12 defenders are present. Players present that do not have the full wards do not count for these penalties that buff the NPCs in the PQ. They are basically spectators at best, saying they aren’t already face first in the mud.

Once an attack is successful on 2 of the PQs, the attackers can still keep and finish the 3rd PQ, but now the inner door is attainable. Winning the 3rd PQ is very important as explained later. The inner is a 3 part PQ as well. First is the bottom floor filled with Champs. If succesful, the attackers can attack the second Floor, filled with a new Hero and Guards. If the second stage is successful, then attackers can move to the third floor and fight the Fort Lord. No more rubber band champs running about annoyingly.

Defenders can defend on any floor or stage. However, if the attackers win the 3rd PQ in the courtyard, they will receive a NPC charge through the bottom floor seconds after the door falls. A horn will be heard before this occurs. These NPCs will only help push through the door and assist in the first stage, they will not move past the first floor. Winning the 3rd PQ in the courtyard means getting the needed help to push defenders out of the the dreaded door tank wall.

New Cities and City Improvements

That’s right. No more locking down 2 pairings to get into Altdorf or IC. No more, not having a city to go to if invaders are in your city.

Elves, Dwarves, Orks, and Dark Elves will recieve cities. Each City will have a King, each will have Guild Quarters, Each will have RR Merchants, Mount Merchants specific to that race, Guild and Personal Bankers. These new cities will not have new T2 or Lesser Ward Dungeons. That’s about all that separates them. They will have PQs for various ranks though.

As for City Sieges. Taking a Fort allows that Realm to now attack the corresponding city. Instances still exist, but the as for the entire T4 RvR being locked down because of a city seige is no longer in play. If you don’t want to defend Altdorf, you can still go play in dwarf and elf areas as normal with Scenarios running as normal.

City siege BOs are now improved with NPC guards like on any other BO. You must capture the flag and defend it for 3 Minutes. As when you cap the flag, the opposing army will send NPCs to come and attack you. As well as any opposing Players that may come.

During the second stage of the PQ, the Generals are not static, they roam! They are also not as difficult or fickle about rubberbanding. Armies should have more encouragement for attacking the General, even if defenders are present. The Generals and Guards get buffs based on the imbalance of attackers and defenders. If no opposing army is present, the General will be at max defense and attack, but still not impossible for a grouping of 12 to defeat. Saying those 12 are atleast Greater Warded.

It is important to note that Forts and Cities are meant for their corresponding wards. Forts are meant to reward those with Lesser Wards with Conqueror Gear and Crest. Cities are meant to reward those with Greater Wards seeking Invader. And the Stage 2 city instances are meant for Superior Wards seeking Warlord and so on for the Excelsior seeking a King capture. For this reason, players without the proper wards do not affect NPC buffs based on population counts.



New Friends and Foes

The forces of Order are still in need of pushing back the invaders at all of their borders. With the Phoenix King finally arriving back to Ulthuan to find the forces of Dark Elves already well fortified within the lands, he calls for help from the Elves old allies, the Lizardmen. Vast and well suited for any encounter the armies of the Old Ones will surely be a pivotal force for Order.

However, the Great Plotter, Malekith was not oblivious to this possibility and had already settled an alliance with the neighboring Skaven armies. The zones and additional stories travel to Lustria on the coast as the Slaan armies are ready to board up to assist their allies. As they are assembling, the underneath empire of Skaven unleashes, turning a mission to attack into a full blown defense of their own Kingdom.

The Lizardmen will be defending in Lustria with their famed “Slann” armies starting in a Center Zone of Hexoatl, a Jungle Based Temple City. They are trying to invade into the outskirts of Oyxl, a Marsh Land of ruined Temples forgotten to the older generations. Beyond the underground Skaven Fort lies the Armies of “Clan Pestilens” in their tunneled City. Here the forces of Order will need to defeat Plague Lord Nurglitch himself, 7th of the 12 Seer Council Members. Destruction will being trying to push through Moon City past the Slann Fort to Itza, where Lord Mazdamundi is commanding the Lustrian forces.

For T1 through T3, this adds very little other than new players. The additional zones will be added to T4 only.

Each Army will pose 3 new classes to add in the fold:

Lizardmen: The special tactic unique to lizardmen will be 15% faster movement.

Skink Priest: Healer – Special Ability: Flight of Foot.  The healers of Skink Armies are not stupid, though not human. They know the first target is the healers. Especially ones that like to wear headdresses. These priest have the agility to charge around, making them kiting RvR opponents.

Kroxigor: Tank – Special Ability: Intimidating. The Kroxigor will be the first installment of a huge unit on the player base of characters to use. The sheer size of the unit is a clear sign of the toughness this class will have. They enstill fear to all those around them.

Temple Guard: Melee – Special Ability: Shield. The first melee grouping to be able to carry its own shield. Though lacking taunt or guard abilities, this class can take a more offensive or defensive approach.

Skaven: The unique tactic for the Skaven is Survive, and ability that allows them to regen health faster.

Plague Monks: Healer – Special Ability: Decay. These healers have unique ailments that DoT their opponents while at the same time heal their fellow Skaven. Their exposure to the chemicals and plagues have made them invulnerable to such diseases. They have the ability to cast buffs on allies that allow incoming enemies DoTs to be heals instead, with a chance of backfire due to the nature of untested formulas on non-skaven species who are inferior to them.

Censor Bearers: Caster – Special Ability: Toxic Waste. These units are able to physically lay traps of disease that they have mastered on their enemies. Along with nasty plague cannons that they employ in force.

Storm Vermin: Tank – Special Ability: Superior Presence. Though very strong and hard hitting, these tank prefer to prove themselves in front of what they feel is inferior to them. Trained in the harshest areas of the tunnels, and long exposed to Warpstones, these  Skaven are quite large and fearsome. They can turn incoming help into strength. Whether that be heals or guards. Making them not only formidable tanks, but possibly greater off-tanks.


Well, that was hell of a fun write up. Hope you enjoyed it. I think there is alot of good ideas in there. Many still attainable in 2010 without much developement since they aren’t completely unrealistic.

Note.: It’s imaginary land. And especially being untested, or well thought of for more than an hour at a time, I imagine alot would fail. Especially with my assumptions on RvR lakes and Cities/Forts. I instill them as if they were fully tested and everyone would like to play like me. If you like them all, then you are clearly insane too. Sigmar help you.



4 thoughts on “Imaginary Warhammer Online: Fairy Land of Dreams by Mr. Meh

  1. Awesome stuff!!!!

    And much of what you propose is not so crazy or impossible to implement. Hopefully Mythic can get their feet under them and do something to get WAR moving in the right direction.

  2. Great ideas!

    Only thing I’d say is I always thought both the new races should have 4 races to bring them in line with the other races.

    I was thinking a medium ranged career with some of the stealth abilities of WE/WH for both, would be Chameleon skink blowgunners for Lizardmen and throwing knife/ninja starred Gutter Runners for Skaven!

    Not sure how you’d balance them but should be very effective hit and runners at medium to short rang!

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