Warhammer 40K MMO Info

Despite the awful awful rumors I heard about this project of THQ’s being delayed or suspended have been proven wrong.

This article says THQ will be there to give a first look at the MMO and what to expect.

I think we are still looking at 2012. But I’m still happy as a clam to hear that THQ is going for it. Great company and their enthusiasm with Strategy games of Dawn of War have been excellent. They may not have the experience with MMOs, but with what I am seeing now, it might be better that they don’t.

For the Emperor’s sake, don’t sell out THQ,


3 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K MMO Info

  1. After so many letdowns (WAR, AoC and others) I’m trying hard to gird myself against the hype of new games. But I probably will look at 40k when it releases. I like the thought of playing an Eldar.

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