Warhammer Online: Live Event: Night of Murder and Failboats

Servers are down right now as I write this. When they come back up, surprise, Live Event.

You can read the Herald about the event if you like.

I guess I felt that last years Live Event was lack luster and this year’s version by far kicked last year’s ass with a steel rod in a back alley and took that title of uselessness right away. At this rate, we aren’t expecting expansions or better or newer stuff, and I’m not sure that the new Live Events were going to get any better. But with the cut backs I kind of just expected to see the same stuff from last year. No time spent, no money lost, right?

But wow, I guess we have to grind for the Event Slot. But 3 day bonus? Weak.

I wanted this …

I guess you can’t expect EA Mythic just to be lazy and do the same thing as last year. I really wish you would have though.

And a brighter note, I ran into a player yesterday that made my day and put the game in perspective to me.



3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Live Event: Night of Murder and Failboats

  1. To be fair, the Night of Murder was the most popular live event they had done. It was all about killing the other person.

    Also, it’s 3 days play time, pretty damn nice for the first rank reward, in a live event that can be easily completed in one or two play sessions.

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