Warhammer Online: Pre Patch 1.3.4: Intitial thought: Meh

Firstly; I like to say I was wrong. I really thought we wouldn’t see a patch till March or April.
Secondly; I was still kind of right. Because this patch doesn’t really do squat.
Tertiary; Here it is.

I guess that RvR weapons are kind of a cool thing. So I’ll be on the test server as soon as I can. I’m skeptical on the outlook. Are these weapons going to be better than Lost Vales’? Are these Empblems going to be hard to get, like Royals and Warlords are? But that will really only be answered on the PTS server for me when I go troll the merchants.

I’m really disappointed in the patches. Talk about lack luster. A lot of disregard to what needs attention and fixes to things no one gives a flying goblin about. Broken classes need help and lots of it. These are subs waiting for a reason to leave, you cannot ignore them.

I like how you finally fixed Destro’s exploit to get into the Enemy Warcamp in LOTD, even though you quickly acted on Order’s ability to a month after the Expansion release. However I am very disappointed to not see a fix for the constant invasion that one person can do to the VL raids. It’s annoying. Fix it, now!

 I didn’t think Phoenix Gate was popular. In fact I seem to remember everyone trying to avoid that scenario in T2. It’s been a long time, so what do I know?

Along those lines, we didn’t like some of the scenarios, but you didn’t have to remove all of them. I mean, Gromil’s popped for me all the time. And Serpent’s Passage. I understand Thunder Valley, but you are taking away our variety. Not to mention those SCs were fun for when we didn’t have any abilities. I’m not sure how fun Gates of Ekrund is going to be when we are 40 now. I’ll wait and watch, but so far I’m already missing some of my more favorite SCs. I’m wondering if these aren’t just going to be held and used during Live Events.

I’m surprised there is no fix for the RvR zoning at the back of Covenant of Flame. Where you can summon in a group  to however many stones you have.

Warrior Priest and DoKs: I’m not sure what that means for Rend Soul and Divine Assualt. “Setback at the same rate as other melee channels.” What other melee channels? And further, it better be making it better, because the only thing that gets setback less those 2 abilities is the Constant CTDs.

On that topic, are we going to address the massive amount of CTDs alot people have been experiencing since 1.3.3?

As well, WP and DoKs need more help. There are massive issues with the RF pools not regenerating properly, or at all in lag. But AP does. As well, some abilities like Healing Hand constantly suffer for 4 second cast times at random moments. And it’s not an Ailment. You can just stand by yourself and spam it. by the 4th time, it should occur.

White Lion: I’m slightly happy. I will test it out tonight, and see if the toon is worth playing again.

WE and WHs: I just like your wording. “Agile Escape will now respect Champions Challenge.” It will respect that it exist. Let’s see if it cares. I will be trying to test that one too. Anyone that sees a WH name Ohnoes, please Champ Challenge me.

Chosen: Very disappointed in you for ignoring the Ravage. Things are not equal between Knights and the Chosen, and you know it. ::shakes head::

Zealot: I knew it. Never went and played one real quick to find out. But I could tell.


I’ll have a follow-up when I test it out tonight,


7 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Pre Patch 1.3.4: Intitial thought: Meh

  1. Expand on what you mean about Ravage? Are you saying it’s not poweful enough or that it’s too powerful?

    If the former, I’m confused. If the latter, I’m slightly less confused. I think that it’s at a fairly healthy place. It’s the surrounding toolbox that makes this ability function so well. Especially in comparisson to the completely broken Blazing Blade.

  2. well tbh I agree removing all those scenario’s are going to irritate alot of people however the changes to the tier 4 rvr campeign is much better.The new weopons are much better…the 6v6 sc is much better…All in All I think the patch is quite good and adress’ alot of what people where asking for.

    Warhammer is the most ballanced pvp game in the market so don’t be so harsh and call class’ broken. Look at wow and aion if you want broken pvp class’ my word I have beeten every class 1v1 in warhammer and every class has beeten me…thats pretty gd Id say. try say the same about a rogue vs everything lol.btw english not my first language!

    • hmmmmm …..

      As someone that has played almost everything to a high level, atleast archtypes, I greatly disagree. Tanks have too much benifit and too much relies on Healing. Leaving, armor debuff classes in the dark, like say the SW. Though I hear many are excited to see the patch notes. So horay for them there.

      My prediction for the 6v6 SC, Premade Bomb dominated. Atleast, that’s the only thing I’ll be going in with.

      The new weapon stats are sweet. However the Emblem amounts are ridiculous. I hope they plan on 5 Warlords dropping from every kill. Because the math I am seeing so far indicates we wont be seeing anyone holding an invader weapon for another 8 months. Warlord will take a year. I like the idea, just waiting to see the implimentation, because the current drop rate of crest definately indicates its not worth the SC grind..

      Your English is fine. Even for not being your first, it’s probably better than mine.

      On the Rogue WoW comment … You must not have been there at game release. The Rogue was the Easy Mode Button Smash class. It wasn’t until PvP introduced that suddenly the Rogue was considered gimp. It was all the rage in 2005.

  3. I saw an Iron Breaker in the destro warcamp before the gate was down two nights ago. There’s a terrain hack that allows you to get on the roof from the mountains, which are climbable.

    They ruined the flying goblin thing a while back.

    Even though the game is in maintenance mode, I was hoping for more bug fixes to careers. Z-axis bugs exist now beyond the two little used zealot mastery abilities. The changing magus’s bread and butter spell, glean magic now has the same bug.

    I think the devs are in over their heads, saddled with a product that did not have high standards for quality when it was being developed.

  4. warhammer is not in maintenance mode…it is alive and well…Infact because the warhammer team is 10% the size of blizzard’s warhammer have actualy made just over half the profit that blizzard made…so expect an expansion to be announced some time this year. Remeber this is the best pvp game of 2009 as awarded by many different companies…So Even after all the wowm trolls bashing it on every forum it is still worth a play

    • I guess we strongly disagree with each other on two points.

      No where even close to half the profits. Think about $15 a head for each sub of 10 million users for Blizzard, now compare that to just under 200K for Mythic. They aren’t even in the same league. Its like the Majors Vs. Glyndon Elementary School Rec Team.

      I do hear that Mythic is quite happy with a turn leveling off of sub loses in the past couple months. They got scared there in September.

      You have a studio that has had 4 leadership changes in the past year and major staff reductions 3 times already. You have about maybe 1/4 of the staff there. If you are sitting in EA shoes, which one are you choosing:

      (1) Build and Expansion to WAR and maybe maintain your subscription base.
      (2) Help get BioWare’s SWTOR out the door.

      The only expansion we will see from EA MMOs is on Mobwars.

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