Warhammer Online: Hackers and Cheaters

It’s be coming clearer and clearer that EA Mythic just doesn’t give a crap about the amount of cheating going on. A year ago, I would just send friendly reports saying I thought something funky was going on, ‘please watch them.’ And you would see all the time on the forums (WARalliance) these folks bitching about being suspended or banned. And I would think, “horay, it works.” And 6 months ago, I was relieved to see Mythic actually talk about how they watch and what they do.

But about 3 months ago, the hacks and cheats have just become so clear that I could actually tell what they were doing. My CSR reports went from, “Hey, watch this guy” to “Jerkdick here is speed hacking, that is not a speed talisman. He lagging across the battlefield at 2x the speed of a special mount.”

Now we come in the eve of 1.3.4, and I just don’t know what lies in the future. I could handle some one dragging their screen to get a cheap lag speed trick off to get away, one missed kill, meh. I could handle people using Nerfed Buttons. But WARbuddy is now the thing to have. And there must be more going on, cause newer and funkier things are happening. I see something new happening everyday.

When you can fly over walls and you can bypass the global cooldown and have unlimited Action Points, it’s time to react, and react harshly. It’s just plain as day. These players (both Order and Destro) are not at all trying to hide the fact that they are exploiting.

Last week I encountered a group of premades that were using WARbuddy to hop right onto the spawn points of the scenarios we were in. A Chosen would jump up there (no matter the SC) and just punt off people as they spawned.

The picture above is the spawn point on Gromril’s Crossing. He did this for hours in almost every Scenario I saw him in.

I contacted CSR as I normally do, but this time I wanted a follow-up. Which is something I normally never get. Hours later I send another report and an email requesting the status and the result of my petition. I received this week an email telling me there was no issue that they could find.

In frustration and anger I sent them my library of screenshots of this guy throughout the night with another 10 recent incidents of people wall hacking to a keep lord and another 20 or so of Combat logs showing where people were bypassing the global cooldown with their attacks.

Well, I already knew from the forums that screenshots mean nothing when it comes to reporting hackers. So I didn’t expect a response that would do anything.

My point is, is that I think it’s very clear that Mythic has no intentions of losing more subscription dollars by going about and start banning people. Which saddens me. It’s not like we have 1 out of 1000 cheating. I think we have more like 1 out of 12 cheating. Atleast so blatantly that anyone can see it.

I know our alliance is losing players. Specifically quoting that end game sucks and even still, “this is becoming a cheat-fest” as they log off forever. And the rest are all the sudden becoming more and more inclined to play PvE Dungeons. Clearly issues are at hand when the only thing a RR70 wants to do is go do VL or LV.

I left FPS games because I couldn’t beat aimbot. If the last frontier for this game is PvE instances to escape the PvP hack friendly zones, then maybe I should follow suite with many others and go play something that actually has functionally entertaining PvE. We are only here for RvR.

If I was the producer; I would issue orders to really go after hackers. And as you find them and ban them, you put their name on the website. Create a giant list. It will only take 100 for people to read and notice some big names on there and straighten out or better yet, just leave. Not to mention the confidence you’ll build with your (more casual non-cheater) gamers.

But that’s Mr. Meh, and he’s an asshole. Regards,


13 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Hackers and Cheaters

  1. While I agree that people cheating, or at least using somewhat dubious methods to get ahead, is definitely a problem, I have noticed some improvements. Just this month, I’ve known two people to get temporary bans, one for WAR Buddy and one for going afk in Nordland.

    The afking in Nordland has gotten pretty ridiculous on Volkmar, so I happy they’re doing something about it. With WAR Buddy though, they need to be stricter, beyond a ban of a few days.

    • Well that’s good.

      Though I don’t at all agree with the suspension for going afk in Nordland. That’s not exploiting, that’s poor programming and not the fault of the player. I don’t do it. But that absolutely upsets me that someone was suspended for that.

      Program it so that higher ranks don’t get the bonus in the WC. You did it if we are high Rank outside the WC in Nordland or any other zone. I don’t see that as an exploit.

      In fact, since its not at all in the EULA or in any agreement or statement legally made otherwise by EA, I am almost tempted to go afk tonight in Nordland and report myself.

      There is no reason to think the way to fix that problem is by suspending people.

      I have to go work out, I’m upset now.

      • To me it seems to be crossing the line into exploitation when people leave their toons afk all night in the Nordland warcamp. I do agree with you that they should program a fix so they don’t have to suspend players.

      • People have set it up so their characters will jump every few moments or what not. It’s actually kind of amusing to watch a level 40 Black Orc continually hopping in place.

  2. Just an FYI, both sides can get into the enemy spawn point in Gromril’s Crossing. It requires no cheating program, but it IS terrain exploiting, as they are not intended to have access to those locations.

    • Interesting. Out of all my playing on that SC, I have never seen it before. My wording should then be changed from cheating to exploiting.

      However, this exact Chosen (P-jay), who is a well known for cheating (atleast among the opinions of multiple order player, which doesn’t say much), happened to have done this in multiple SCs. As well, notice the lack of guard agro. Same for each instance he did it in.

  3. In further study. I found both comments on this article to just happen to be features of Warbuddy. Both no-auto logging AFKs as Charlotte pointed out and being able go where ever you like and without guard agro are both major Warbuddy Features. Imagine that.

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  5. I knew about the speedhacks and wallhacks etc, but i don’t know anything about GCD hacking and unlimited Action Points as you say. Are you sure about these things?

    Thing is that GCD is at 1.5 second, while Combat Log doesn’t go in greater detail than second. So, in an ideal world, let’s examine a melee class with every ability instant:

    at 0 i use ability A
    at 1.5 i use ability B
    at 3 i use ability C

    Combat Log shows:
    0: A
    1: B
    3: C


    So yes here it looks like abilities are being used faster but are not really.

    Then Action Points… how could you tell that? There are some classes with exceptional AP management which barely ever run out of AP.

    • Lots of things have changed since this article, FYI. I would say that the heartache I had back then is not even close now. I think Mythic really did go after them, or they just got bored with doing it. But you don’t see anywhere close to the extreme issues that I was seeing back then.

      I don’t neccessarily take A,B,C for comparison as a basis for thinking someone has bypassed the GCD. Not only as you pointed out that it rounds, but server lag can also be an issue there if you only look at a small glimps of what was going on.

      There is a particular WL I have been watching lately, who hits for godly amounts. Being an Ex-WL, I was at more than excited to actually veiw my combat log to figure out what was going on. It seems that he is up the Guardian Tree with some extra points in Axeman.

      I have one large ass 3 part screen shot in which I was hit with Fey Illusion 4 times in under 15 seconds, as well as I was spammed Force Opportunity Every 2 seconds for like 10 hits before the Emack that keeping me alive ran out.

      I think in most conditions, no one usually survives long enough to get that kind of sample. But with a guard, moral 4 and another healer helping me, I got to see what was going on.

      Now if only I could figure out, how he is bypassing those abilities cooldowns, I would be more happy. Not to copy it, but just to understand how.

      That’s not a GCD issue, but I think there are small little unfair advantages all over still. Without a 15 second chance to see that combat log, I’d still be like everyone else “Oh, that’s just a great WL.”

  6. I know I’m a little late to the game with this reply but with SWtOR being out on the same engine as Warhammer we’re seeing alot of the same shit in that game as well. People are lagging to escape combat and/or lagging to constantly be out of range/sight during combat even though you’re toe to toe. They are also bypassing the global cooldown and it is my firm belief that Mythic/BioWare left out the combat log in SW for the soul purprose of hiding what they suspected would be a problem early on. The truth is the gaming industry has become so bottom dollar corporate that they don’t give a shit about legitimate gameplay. Anyone can log onto Xbox Live after annoucement about a new wave of bans and see all the new gamertags that pop up as a result because these people use 1 month subs at a time. They’re banning these people but in ways that will just generate a little extra cash by forcing them to reactivate, not restore the rules/integrity to the game.

    • Two things:

      First is that WAR and SWTOR are not using the same engine. WAR was built with Gamebryo which was first used for DAOC and then most recently RIFT.

      SWTOR is the first major game to be produced under the HERO Engine.

      I beleive the two use different servers as well.

      SWTOR I’m not sure has hack issues. I find the game to allow for quite a bit of lag. Which means that the abilities will activate on time to the user, but not the server. Meaning you could potentially watch some flicker over the field. As well, they could be one place, but then somewhere else and unload a ton of damage. Doubt that they are cheating, rather lag is a benifit for them, or not.

      The other is that the game will be putting out a combat log. It’s sad they didn’t have one to start with, meaning much of what player’s opinions are on class balance really mean nothing, because it’s a feeling, rather than being able to be backed by facts.

      Also, my experience with the Consular/Inq is that many abilities were pruposely made to bypass GCD.

      I think with the intro of combat log, we will see some balance.

      Oh, and the other is the lack of macros and 3rd party tools by BW initially. Meaning players with systems like Razors can build their own outside of game to use. Given an unfair advantage IMO.

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