Warhammer Online: Dungeons and Alts

Last night was interesting. I logged on right after hearing that Order on Badlands finally got Stage 2. But before I could cry, someone told me that the Warlord instance bugged out on a phase of the PQ. I was relieved that I wasn’t apart of it. I think that would have caused my final nerd rage logoff forever. So I was slightly thankful.

In that time of chatter in alliance, I moved over my 3rd Warrior Priest over to Badlands. For the sole reason to have multiple characters to help run instances. I’m so helpful.

Everyone has so many alts now that it really is just a cycle of running everyone’s alts through dungeon instances. I use my main WP to run LV and then TOVL. And then almost finally after that, if no RVR is available, everyone then runs the other alts through. But no one wants my WL, so I am left to join PUGs. ARRGGH. And then after they are finished the 2nd runs, their 3rd alts want to run Crypts and/or Bastion Stair (crit weapons) or something else that doesn’t involve me. ARRGGGHH. I have made sure this no longer continues.

I have a my Main WP at RR65, and working on Tyrant, maybe Warlord if stage 2 happens more often. My second 40 WP at RR12 (first toon on a dead server Avelorn, one of the first 40s in the game) that I help guildies through Bastion Stair, because he is never getting his Lesser Ward it seems, and that kind of RRing will take forever. And then I just transferred over my 3rd WP that I made on Chaos Waste a long time ago. He is rank 35 and RR33. But my plan for him is to get him to help run crypts. A quick grind in LOTD (Land of the Dead) and some Annihilator Gear and he will be good as rain. This way, I can run as many instances for my guildies and alliance mates as much as they need. Or until I am all PvE’d out. And with 3 WP at different levels, when I run I may actually roll on things they need. Instead of being RR 65ish and running in Crypts, and getting pissed that by the time the damn Cassock finally dropped its useless for that toon.  

Then again, this could all really be avoided if Mythic would just eliminate the lock out timers. However, good ideas are going into Mythic, just not coming out. So I take things into my own hands.

Nicholaes, My main WP, RR 64. Pose is just to look cool. He's actually a book carrier.

Meet the Nick family: 

Nicholaes 40/65 – Tyrant/Dark Promise – Willpower Full Salvation / Half Grace Spec’d – Salvager/Tali Maker
Nicholaos 35/33 – Annhilator/Crap RR Armor – Willpower Salvation Spec’d – Butcherer/Apothecary
Nicholaas 40/12 – Bloodlord/Crap PQ Armor – Full Grace / Half Wrath Spec’d – Cultivator 

I’m also working on a Knight of the Blazing Sun named Haul. He’s rank 21 and growing. I just want him for LOTD farming for Scavenging. I can’t imagine a better class then one you can just have stood there and kill things without doing a thing. All other projects are on hold. I no longer have love for my Elf projects, I just can’t play a dwarf, no matter how hard I try. I love the mechanics, just the toons themselves. 

I think many have alt problems. They have to have variety and change and new faces. Tell me how many you have met that have an alt problem with the same class?

That’s right, you are reading the Blog of a lunatic,


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