Mr. Meh Says … Bomb!!!

Consistently on Saturdays and Sundays I have been running with a couple groups that just wants to PvE dungeon run in-between SC groups and Zone Locks. Which I am okay with. Once you hit RR 60, life and gear becomes dim. Until we figure out how to get Stage 2 on Badlands, Tyrant is really going to be the only option most of us have to something …. L33t.

So when we run these instances, things are humorous. We normally start in Lost Vale (even though I think everyone has what they need) and try each time to finish it in under 2 hours. Yet to happen, but I think most groups can be jealous of the consistent 2 hours it takes to do it. But we are still learning TOVL (Tomb of the Vulture Lord). So far, I think we fully understand up to the 5th boss. It took quite a while to learn how to fight the High Priest. For those that don’t know, it basically is a fight that goes into phases. He ports, he cleaves, he channels and he bombs.

The bombs are the unfortunate one for the unsuspecting Melee DPS. I don’t like to whipe, but everytime he dies I laugh. All you can hear through vent is “Bomb!!” From everyone. Yet still, it takes him a second to react. A second to slow. He then gets snared and then you see him jump up and down as he you can see the inevitable death of hilarity that is coming. Unfortunately without his DPS, we generally don’t survive. So every encounter is going to be a bet of how many times he dies to the BOMB.




“Jesus, it’s an instant kill timed AOE bomb. Not a magical golden hug.”

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