Warhammer Online: Optimism is not a bad word, it’s just stupid.

I have been hanging out in-game with a recently joined guild to our alliance alot more than my current guild lately. Mainly because my guild has for some reason switched to extremely late nights. But this new guild is a class act. They know each other, and they know how to play. I am happy to be welcomed among them. Or atleast instill my entrance into their parties.

There is this one player I have been grouping with lately, but he is just such an optimist. No matter what you say, he’s got an upside. Even if it doesn’t exist. He still says it. The other night, we were kind of complaining (maybe just me, I have to vent) about “Nerfed Buttons” (the Mod) and how Mythic really needs to react.

Of course he has no problem saying, “Its not that bad.”
Really. I just got pounded by 4 Doombolts critical hitting me at 3,200 each.”
Well, they can do that. So can I.” He says. (His new main is a BW)
And can you throw 4 Fireballs in under 1.5 seconds too?
There’s a tactic for that.”
Really, there is a tactic that allows you to throw 4 abilities that are normally 2 second cast and easily set back in less then a quarter of that time? And this tactic allows you to bypass the 1/2 a second global cooldown too? ”
Well … yeah.” He replies.

By Sigmar,  I hate his optimism. It’s borderline mental retardation. But .. I’m so envious of it.

I was a happy player once. I used to be him. Over a year ago, I used to call down the nay sayers. The griefers, the whiners. It was me, that knew the best was coming. It was me that had hope. Even after the 2nd round of layoffs, I never stop believing that this game would just keep growing.

It was only after the loss of most of my guild and the silence that over took the Warherald that I lost it. When you go from a Live Event a Month and constant talk of class additions every 4 months and Live Expansion every year, to “We may try balancing the game, maybe, we will see.” You lose hope. Right now, and I doubt that I am alone, the vast majority of what is left of the population is just waiting for something worthy to take them away from WAR. Aion wasn’t the answer, and STO is definitely not doing it. Those here, have just accepted what the game is, and any new stuff coming will probably confuse us. Much like an Ex from 8 years ago showing up and proposing to you, it’s kind of too late.

So, I am talking to a well-known guild leader and Oracle to Mythic for WAR, and we are discussing 1.3.4 and 1.3.5. His input is one patch is for game balance and fixes. While the other team of Mythic builds new stuff. Essentially, 1.3.4 is fixes, 1.3.5 will be new stuff. I call scruples.

Many believe we will see 1.3.4 this month. Again, I call scruples.

I look at Jeff Skalski’s letter and read this:

“…in addition over the course of 1.3.3 you’ll get to enjoy three live events including the return of the Battlebrew Backpack in Keg End and the much beloved Night of Murder event in addition to an all new event in the new year…yarrrr.”

I read that one way, and clearly one way, 1.3.3 is supposed to hold us off for 3 Live Events. We have done one. And we have 2 more coming. Night of Murder is probably, and most likely absolutely occurring on Valentine’s Week again this year. Plus we get another. If we time out the spreads of the Live Events, we get 1 Live Event every 2 and half months. As I see it, 1.3.4 will probably happen sometime in March, just around when we get to do this ‘new’ Live Event. So help us Sigmar, prove me wrong.

I hope I am wrong.

What I really want to do is … hope. I’m just hoping that Korea market gets invaded, BioWare needs less help from Mythic and all the sudden we get … “Surprise, here’s bunches of new stuff.”

“You want more classes, we got them coming.”
“You want more capital cities. Here they are, have fun on the Dark Elf Floating Fortress.”
“You want better end game. We redesigned the cities.”
“You want more instances. We made them.”
“You want more of the Warhammer World. Here comes Bretonnia, Skaven, Beastmen, Lizardmen and Wood Elves.”

And I want them to end each sentence with … “Bitches.”

So, for the rest that I can hold it, I’m going to put on my optimist face. If you see alot of far off day dreaming post in the next couple of days (weeks), just remember it probably can’t last. But I prefer, for the time I have, lets hope.


4 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Optimism is not a bad word, it’s just stupid.

  1. If they would simply add in two more capital cities, or heck, even make Fortress fights the epic things they were supposed to be, I would be back in seconds :(

  2. Fortresses and Cities should be more like a progression of capturing parts of the area. Kind of like a dungeon, just with players.

    Someone, last night during, our yet again failed stage 2 push, said …”you ever play TF2, ever done the one with one team pushing the cart of explosives. Cities should be like that.”

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