Warhammer Online: How to say goodbye to a Warband: 101

I was in a familiar non-alliance Warband over the weekend. It was run by our servers largest guild (rank 40 too). But I joined their vent and followed orders as I would if the leaders were my own alliance leaders. I just so happened to win the roll on a Warlord Crest. Believe it or not, it was my seventh one ever.

Just as soon as I do, I hear in Vent, and I quote: “Great. Some lowbie ass noob warrior priest stole that warlord crest. Thanks noob nugget. If you are in vent, I hope you suck shit, and we ain’t opting out of any rank 5 keep takes for you. Can you boot that ass hat, please?”

 In /warband I write:

“Actually, my fellow ass nugget, I am in vent :)
And since you are clearly blind and/or retarded, that’d be Tyrant/Warlord I’d be wearing matey. “

Tons of “lols” from others.

“Further more, I would really like your guild leader to explain to me why a RR34 is lecturing one of your only 3 healers in the WB on what to roll on.
Yeah, that’s right, I keep Realm War open, ready for some asshat like you to say something stupid.”

The guild leader did send me a /tell. It was not adequate. “Sorry for ****, we have a Rule that Only guildies can roll on crest. Its not about ur level. Butt U can stay in the WB for some RPs :) Just No roll on anymor crest, K.”

In the middle of a keep take, I left the WB and let them whipe on the inner door as it opened.  I sent him a tell back:

“Sorry I forgot to heal you guys. I was just too busy admiring my crest, it’s so shiny.

Well I’m off. I gotta go break this down into Scout Medallions. I never finished my Obliterator set.”

He told me: “Congrats, U just got black listed by the Biggest Guild here. Ur life R going to Sux. We make up about 1/10th of the server.”

“No, actually, my life just got easier. By exactly 10%. Sweetness.  I R 2 hander L33tness now. I R Uber and other things in your retarded lingo that you tweens say.”

Did you know you can /ignore a whole guild?
FTW Mythic. You did something right.


8 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: How to say goodbye to a Warband: 101

  1. That’s fucking awesome. Also, a big reason why I don’t jump into open warbands. “Only guildies can roll”? Bite my ass douche bag, you’re dipshit little fuck-head guild-fluffer can’t even use it!

  2. Haha if they didn’t want that to happen then they need to close their wbs. Some people are rediculous. Also its a warlord. Whos still needs those anyway. ;)

  3. @Shadow. It’s /ignore and the first name of the guild name.

    So guild : Douche Bages R Us

    /ignore Douche

    Will ignore the whole guild

    Don’t know if it works on alliances.

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