Warhammer Online: City Instances and Flags

So …. I know you have read something on this a thousand times by now on the forums. But I don’t read them, and obviously, neither do most. For how much longer do we (mainly I) have to watch /region light up with flame wars about the damn flag in the damn city?

We now get to be in cities alot more. And even more so, we get to be in instances (for a great majority) that have no opposition. Just 2 WBs roaming and hanging around flags. How we spend this time is what is in argument.

“Get off the flag ass-hat.”
“We can atleast 100 more RPs if we keep recapping it.”

“But I gain contribution by standing on the flag.”
“We will get more points if I stand here and keep it capped. We need to get to stage 2.”

Who’s right and who’s wrong?
Everyone is better off if you coordinate re-capping the flag. It’s win-win that way. But why?!!??

It’s actually basic math. All of the following can be verified:

The realm earns 1 point per second per flag owned.

If Order holds 2 flags for 20 seconds, then they will have (2 X 20) = 40 points.

False ideas and facts that don’t exist, but are constantly displayed as such in region. It is not 1 point per person per flag per second. That would mean 1 WB on 1 flag could achieve a stage win in (500 points/ 24 people / 1 flag) = 21 Seconds. Basic math folks, it’s awesome.

The realm earns 10 points for capping a flag.

Whether or not you are standing on it. If the flag is owned by your realm it is giving 1 point per second until it is not owned. So standing off of it for so many seconds waiting for it flip does not affect the point gain.

So, as soon as it flips neutral, saying you can cap it in under 10 seconds, you will not lose any points for doing so. But you will gain 100 renown.

As well, the more people on the flag, the quicker it caps. Horay. So, and this is the big one, if you were to have enough people standing off and standing on the flag constantly flipping it, you could re-cap a flag in under 10 seconds. WHICH would mean that you are actually giving more points for your realm by doing so.

So if your realm is all by itself in the instance the fastest you can win a stage is (500 points / 3 flags) = 2.75 minutes. Potentially, you can re-cap flags real quick and get some extra points, but it’s effect on time is minimal. However, it is some extra +500 renown for a realm not getting any.

If your realm is going to help push to stage 2, then really the answer lies with a proper kills on the Generals. With a cleave and retarded lowbie tanks taunting, that’s not going to happen with PUGs. But we can hope, can’t we?


2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: City Instances and Flags

  1. For me it all depends on how many people are there to cap the flag. If it is only like 3 or 4 then I won’t get off because it won’t cap fast enough, but if there is more there then I will.

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