Warhammer Online: Scenarios, PUGs and Me

Scenarios are a beast in Warhammer. The idea of making a combat format in this game balanced in such a way that you could ever form a fair fight in an instance is and has been a struggle. Ultimately, I am not sure you can ever make the Scenario ever fair. I have seen some ideas. But ultimately, no matter what you do, something is going to take advantage of a system.

Whether you are in a lower tier, or T4, you can’t stop lowbies from queueing in. And that’s the problem. If one side is boasting 12 RR70s and the other four <40s and six barely in Conqueror along with maybe  one or two justified players, there’s just no strategy that’s going to overcome the challenge you face. And even if you have 2 full premades in the SC, it only takes One solo Zealot to steal all the Renown.

The Scenario was supposed to be the outlet for players to go find the fair fight. Because there is nothing fair about zerg vs. door. But it’s been a long time since I have been in a close fight. It’s either us farming their spawn or vise versa.

For T4, cause that all that matters, two things need to change:

1- The lower your level, the more RPs you earn for little work. This keeps high levels in separate groups and solo playing. RP earning needs to be leveled despite the RR of the player. RP threft is an issue and keeps high levels from queueing solo.

2- Scenarios need to be separated by level. One for under RR 50 and one for the rest.

As well, group queueing for a specific SC, need to be given priority. When a zone is trying to VP locked, it is not really fair to the entire realm that 6 random PUG players can easily (and unknowingly) get into a key Scenario and lose the possible VP lock for a 100+ players.

The other night I was running  a bomber premade for SCs. If you haven’t run a bomber group, it’s quite fun. (3 Tanks, 2 BW/Sorcs, and a WP/DoK). Even though each time we could get very decent renown, we struggled to win. Because every time we got into an SC, there were these same random PUGs players would come in. 2 low level SWs, and 40 SW, a Slayer and a low level RP, that would just go solo and try to eat up renown.

I would warn them, by /tells and in /sc that we would not support them if they didn’t stop queueing for key SCs for zone locks. Queue up, just stay out of Battle for Praag and Caverns for a bit. We have another premade that could help us win, waiting to get in. I also warned the RP to join up in Group 2. No one would listen. So by the 3rd Scenario, we coördinated (On a side note, I did a quick spell check, and apparently, this is how you spell coordinated, with a umlout) a routine on vent; roll backwards suddenly and let the Rune Priest die. And then no heals for rest as we would battle it out.

It wasn’t really that great of a plan for winning the SC, but you have to protect your Arpees. The difference in letting that Rune Priest live was 2 scenarios where we couldn’t breach 2K in renown. And once we consistently made sure he died, we didn’t have one SC under 5K. Win or lose.

There something wrong with the game when you have to judge who is your friend. When I treat a level 34 Rune Priest as a bigger enemy than a Witch Elf, there is an issue. Cause I freaking hate Witch Elves.

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