Warhammer Online: Mr. Stagger, you need to go.

I actually don’t mind Crowd Control (CC). Now with the immunities and the renown ability to give you a short immunity, things are not so bad. However …..

Whoever in the hell thought any CC, not just stagger, should last 9 seconds, should be taken outside and shot in the head. Alright, that’s a little harsh. Offer him/her a cigarette first. Then deny them that by saying it’s bad for their health. Then shoot them in the damn face.

To be staggered and then disabled and then silenced is too much to ask of any healer. It’s one thing to be out DPS’d against my HPS, it’s entirely another to sit there for 12 seconds to watch my WB die.

“I need a heal!”

“Sorry guys, a Chosen came within 15 feet.”

The best a healer can do against the mighty forces of Chosen.

Two options:

    – Reduce the amount of seconds.

    – Combine Stagger, Disable and Silence in the same category.

I seem remember the very first nerf in this game in October of 2008. It was the Iron Breaker knockdown. It used to be 5 seconds, now it is 3. We went from 5 seconds to 3. Repeat: People felt 5 seconds was way too long. 5 seconds. Five seconds.

Now, let’s go ahead and think about 9 seconds. Now find the Mythic employee and shoot him in the face. I think that would be an excellent podcast. If those even exist anymore.


6 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Mr. Stagger, you need to go.

  1. I’m okay with stagger. It takes coordination to use correctly, and you never know when some random dude is going to come by with AoE and break it.

    That said, I still prefer bomb groups, and use my AoE for just extra damage. I’m sure assist trains that see my guild coming HATE us.

  2. Fair enough opinion of the Knight. But sir, you are not a healer.

    Being useless for 9 to 12 seconds is not acceptable. Next time you are in a all out skirmish, I want you stop and sit there and count to 12.

    I’m saying that the effects need to be combined into the same immunity pool. Or just reduce the seconds. Chaining Stagger, Disable and Silence is utterly ridiculous.

    Allowing it to exist for 9 seconds for the sole reason that you never know when some idiotic Slayer/Choppa could break the stagger is more and more reason why its becoming harder and harder to find high RR healers.

    I’m looking around the server right now and I’m not really seeing any other +60 WP. At this rate I might be the only active +50 WP on the server fairly soon. At that’s stupid, seeing that we are supposed to be OP and all.

    Just because it takes Vent and some coordination to chain the CCs, doesn’t mean that it should just be overlooked. It should draw even more attention.

    I don’t know what the other servers are like. But on Order Badlands, the only time you are healer balanced in a WB is when the vast majority are under 40. This game is turning into Tank vs. Tank.

  3. I’ve felt the joy of stagger on my DoK (thuogh, usually DPS spec) and my Knight. My opinion stands though. It’s a tool that takes skill and coordination, and a little bit of luck. I would never reduce the time to less than 7 seconds given the ease of it breaking, if I was to see it reduced at all.

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