On 21 Dec 09 Mr. Meh says …

I don’t know why, but I love the rushing feeling you get from falling off a virtual bridge.

Imagine an army of 50 characters running over the bridge in Dragonwake and all the sudden a single person just jumps off the side. That’s me. Now, imagine the other 6 people that accidently follow me. I’m thankful to know that I can always bring friends with me in my death.

I’m also more thankful there are no 27 story tall bridges on my way into work.

2 thoughts on “On 21 Dec 09 Mr. Meh says …

  1. The only real lasting memory of joy I took out of my days in WoW was in the outlands, at the main city there (can’t even remember the name). I would fly straight up the crazy beam of light, as high as I possibly could, then dismount.

    The fall was amazing, and I liked to see just how close I could get to the ground before hitting my paladin’s bubble.

  2. I find it awesome to jump off the bridge in DW when there is order or destro below me. I mean how funny is it to see a blue knight just fall from the sky right in front of you.

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