Run Fat Boy Run

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I really collapse under peer pressure.

I have a best friend living in Chicago. Somewhere along the past 3 years he fell in love with his bike and took up full time life into the world of bicycles. I have another best friend that recently married and then followed up with a child. Even though they are opposite spectrums, I’m jealous of both. I have no love and no shape, I have nothing.

We are a triad of friends. A round table of nerd gayness with frat boy speech intellect. A drowning case of alcoholism and immaturity that every group of guys wish they could possess. We are an utter embarrassment to any wife/gf/whore that happens to be within 50 feet of us and any time even 2 of us get together.

Somewhere in the my complacent depression I became the fat one. So for the past month I have been watching them talk about running the Chicago Marathon next October. And when I got called out, I answered.

I've never seen the movie, but I will now

God help the emergency crews of marathon. I’ll have to attach a red flag to my back so they can quickly find me. Chicago, I’m coming for you. Probably to puke all over your marathon, but I will be there.

4 thoughts on “Run Fat Boy Run

  1. When you come to Chicago, want me to hold out a Twinkie for you when your running. LOL!. Just kidding I wish you the best of luck.

  2. I’m with you on this. My brother, sister-inlaw, and brother-in-law all ran a marathon at Disney last year, and I went down to great them at the finish line. My fatness crept up on me through college and rushed at me post university.

    Best of luck with the marathon, it’s something I know I wish I had the fortitude and self-control to actually accomplish.

    *munches on bacon*

  3. You have fun with that. I have had a few friends run marathons and after they are done they can’t move for the rest of the week. I myself would like to do a triathlon sometime.

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