On 14 Dec 09 Mr. Meh Says ….

I was talking with an online friend this weekend. And in the discussion we talked about how it sucked that in the game when a hot witch stabs you in the back you can go chase her down later and destroy her for it. But in real world, we just accept that as normal.

In response he typed “QQ”
“STFU and go buy a bucket and some cement”

It took me a minute to snap out of it and realize he was joking. Or was he?


4 thoughts on “On 14 Dec 09 Mr. Meh Says ….

  1. To understand the female mindset:

    Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs. – Joseph Stalin

    Women are not dogs, even when they look like them. If you do the dishes, she’ll be appreciative for maybe 5 minutes. What a woman really wants is to be understood, desired, and appreciated. But what man can appreciate the same woman for more than 6 months? Hardly ever happens. But when relationships last, it’s because both people in the relationship are checking in with each other all the time. It’s not easy. Almost everyone does stupid shit to the people they love and they don’t even know it.

    • I agree with most to all of your statement, except for your broad sterio typing.

      For more than 6 months?<—- me

      It's really the first 6 months that are difficult. It takes a while for me to like you.

      You only really get to know someone after that amount of time. You get to unfold the layer of what that person really is. And then again when you move in together and I would imagine further if I ever got farther then that. But I would have no idea about that point on.

      But then again I guess I am just a boy. Maybe one day my testicles will drop.

      Also, your cursing appauls me. :)

      Now if only you would come back and play with me on Badlands, you could join in these super discussions.

  2. I don’t actually believe my broad stereotyping either. But it’s fun to say it. And it’s sometimes useful when my brain can only handle shorthand.

    Regarding 6 months and moving in together: don’t. If you’ve found the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life, do not move in together. Live in separate places until you get married. Living together is supposed to be a “trial” and that’s bullshit because it sets you up for failure. As Yoda says, “There is no try”. When your brain is in trial mode, its so easy to blame the other person for your own stupid shit. I see it all the time. But if you get married you are forced to deal with your own stupid shit and that’s a good thing.

    As for Badlands, I’ve been there every day. It’s just that I’m west coast and you’re not. My hours are from Midnight EST to 4AM EST. I’ve racked up 72K RPs since Sunday and it’s only Wednesday. Sometimes, I’m on Gorfang from 9PM – 11PM EST. But not today, I’m going to a cocktail party.

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