Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.3 and Shiny Fails

Patch 1.3.3 hit! Read the notes here.

Or for  your reading pleasure, you can have my take on it. First the goods:

  • We finally have an underdog system. I can’t say that loud enough.

That ends my list of good things.

I wanted an underdog system, not a handicap. VP requirements being lowered by a percentage is one thing. Increasing the requirement to the winning side is dumb. That’s a good way to enforce a massive logout after making it through the city siege for the side winning.

Not to mention the notes say “Captured.” It works just by making it to the city.

What really urks me is the graphical updates. The Bloom is just dumb. Shiny as they say. In fact, in game, it’s called “oh Shiny.” Really? Maybe it’s just me, but it looks stupid. Stupid I say. If I wanted to glow, I’d play Aion still. And even there I turned the ridiculous shit off.

The log in animations are neat. It’s amazing at the effort put in to not only adding in log in specific emotes for each class, but that even genders in the same classes have different emotes.

Now what’s really amazing is this, WTF DO WE NEED THAT FOR!!!???
How much time did that take? At what point did someone decide it should only be specific to the log-on screen and not an in-game emote? Exactly what statistic told you that we stare at the log on screen long enough to give a flying F***?

My damn leg still clips out of my armor at all times and we are spending time making log on graphics. You still haven’t implimented the armor updates. And there are still pebbles that make me fall for 5K damage. ARRRGGHHHH. What the hell is going on there?**Inspiration behind the comics are due to my massive reading of xkcd. Names in the comics do not reflect any specific person, they are random.

Now I am sure I’m just out of line. The graphics were always there, and someone forgot to put them in last year. So I’ll forgive you, to a degree.

I still think punishing the winning side for the underdog system is going to reinforce RvE and do the opposite of what was intended. But we shall see fairly quickly, won’t we? Heaven knows the extensive testing on the test server for all of a day should have hatched that issue out.

Otherwise I was very happy to be in IC last night, and then in Altdorf the next hour. Meh,


2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.3 and Shiny Fails

  1. Ha! I’m liking your stick figure drawings of what a software meeting looks like. I run meetings like that “agile style”. Basically, I put all the devs and QA at one table. And then I shove all the useless managers at another table. The product manager presents all the ideas in order of management priority and the devs pick from the list. If devs say something will take too damn long, unfortunately it usually gets put back near the bottom of the list and doesn’t get done…

  2. It’s all about the B&P with all companies. I’m sorry to see there are no differences between our industries. Sigh.

    Now come back and play on Badlands or else.

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