Warhammer Online: Ultimate Keep Defenses

Impenetrable keeps.

It’s becoming harder and harder to take these keeps now. Monday night the server, Badlands had some epic battles. Literally 200 vs. 200 for about 3 hours. Caledor was a place of massive war. Back and forth we went. They pushed the hell out of Wrath’s and for about an hour we had just a jumbled mess in the door way. Finally realizing that’s not going to change, the enemy left. In under 20 minutes Order was on Hatred’s begging for the same result. And so they did.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a fun time. And one with some of the best large-scale battles I have ever been apart of. But it’s becoming clearer and clear that another point is being overlooked in keep sieges.

**The ultimate defense is fairly simple. Load your tanks near the doorway and allow the oil to kill everything that comes under the oil and Moral 4s for any lucky enough to get through the door**

There are multiple ways to make your own unique defense. One of my favorites is named after a player from Retaliation guild from the old Phoenix Throne, called the ‘Bamartin defense.’ I won’t give any secrets away, but that version is just fun. My associated guild, Gaiscioch, has recently developed a better organized version of the defense. Again, I’m not giving away any secrets, but it’s pretty obvious at this point that no matter the variation the main focus is oil for lumped enemies in the doorway.

My issue is that Oil is too strong. You can’t put it down. No matter what you have. As a result, your numbers mean nothing trying to get through that door. Maybe single shot cannons should get a siege to siege bonus. ((wink)) Mythic. ((nudge nudge)). Just my thoughts.

Time will tell. Regards,

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