Mr. Meh Says …


If you haven’t noticed. There is a side widget I update weekly with some random thought. And over the weekend I received an email complaining about how I did that.

Apparently, they just had to comment. And by putting on the side bar, they couldn’t. Not a bad idea, so I thought I’d start just posting the sayings at the first part of the week.

Here is this week’s thought:


“Sometimes when I haven’t seen a guild mate for a couple of days I worry that they are dead, and maybe I am the only one that knows. And then I further worry that there is nothing I can do about it, as I know nothing about them to even help.

It bothers me that if someone died, his/her internet family has no idea. And they were just another one that disappeared in the night. It really makes me sad sometimes and I drown in thoughts of how fragile and seemingly insignificant it all is.

But then a scenario pops.”


I’ve made a new page compiling a good portion of the ones from the past. Atleast those worth remembering.



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