I’m Back and with New and Improved Insensitivity.

I guess I’m on my road to moving on. Moral of the story, things do get easier when they repeat. Which is odd to me. Amazing what you remember when you look back. And how you forgot all those things before? Insensitivity.

So I’m no longer broken, but I’m definitely not taking things seriously. I worked through the holiday and the weekend. Not because I had to, just because I could pick up the work. I think it was good. But my humor is back to a slight twist of dark and sarcastic tone. And not going over well with anyone.

Ended up pissing off a guild mate last night with over use of CAPS. Real pissed off too. She did not enjoy my over-excited threats to kill people who don’t listen. And today I pissed off a co-worker this morning. She was blasting Christmas music from her office. The same 3 songs over and over and over. So I sent her this:

Thank you failblog.org, for being there for me. It’s as if you are always on the same page.

However, it makes me think. I’m not like the rest; I don’t fit in; I’m easy to piss people off. And all without realizing it. Do I not think ahead? Do others think ahead, or am I just a little obscure? I don’t know. And I’m not sure that I care.

Formulating how I should properly apologize to the guildie. Should probably start by stop drinking so heavy while playing. Meh,


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