Warhammer Online: VP locks, Scenarios and You

Short background: To lock any zone you either need Domination Points by holding all Objectives for a certain amount of time (Keeps 2 hours, BOs 30 minutes) or you can Victory Point Lock by having a proper set of victories in 4 fields (Objectives, Scenarios, PvE, and Previous Zone). Up until scenarios were fixed, Victory Point Locks were fairly rare. But now with them active again, we have a new problem. That problem is centered around queues and short-term goals.

Ultimately, locking a zone takes coordination and time, in either lock type. Building Objective Points towards the VP Lock is a simple as taking the objectives. But building Points in Scenarios requires wins in scenario instances. If those aren’t popping, you can still queue up for the scenario(s) and build points in that area, slowly by each person, but still build them. This ends VP Lock 101 (obvious to all). Now for 102 (obvious to few, apparently).

**The usual result of Domination Locks; You go to get a drink in your boredom and your cat screws up your UI while your gone. You come back to an unfimilar screen as you hear on Vent your group screaming for heals. Too bad you can’t help them, cause you put all your eggs into a Domi-Lock let your guard down and you found out your evil cat works for Destro.**

The problem with queueing for scenarios is you may just be doing it to build the points. But you and your WB have no intention of taking the pop if it were to so occur. Mainly because you are queued to just build points in hopes of a VP lock, but aren’t willing to risk losing the better chance of getting a Domination lock. IE, VP would nice, but Domi is better to ensure.

So here you are, you have 2 WB about Dragonwake and so far you having been shutting down all attempts for the opposing side to take a BO from you. Unfortunately you still have 30 minutes to wait and the VPs are at 62. Suddenly you see an order for all WB assistants to queue their groups. Also you see message to not take the pop if it does. This could result in a negative effect. Because you may not have any intention of taking the queue pop but the opposers Premade does. All they have to do is queue; take the pop; and even without an opposing population in the scenario, they only have to get 1 point to win the Scenario and earn 25% in SCs for their VPs.

Suddenly that 62 VP you once had, goes to 59. And so on if you keep doing it. One win for them negates the points you were building by queueing. The SC points for VPs was set in place to build for those that queue as a counter to keeping a VP locks blocked by the opposing army refusing scenarios. It wasn’t set up to just give free points. If you don’t take the pop, you are giving free VPs to the other side, and solidifying the probability of not having a VP lock at all.

The counter plan to this is to organize in such a fashion that 2 premade groups are assigned as SC group. Their job, to take SCs. When not in one, they sit in the middle of the RvR pool and run to areas that need assistance. They should be separate from the WBs that are assembled for the defense fo the Domination Lock. Once these 2 (or more) groups are established they announce that they are queueing, once completed everyone else (defense WBs) can queue. This allows for more SC points to develope. If the SC pops, the first queuers (premade groups) will be given the pops first, and once in, they announce and all defenders un-queue.

Once the premades exit the SCs, they re-queue and the process above starts all over again. This will always make sure you not only develope SC points, but that you ready to respond when an SC actually pops. 2 groups are recommended. Saying the SC is one that normally runs 3 to 4 groups, then those 2 groups need to call for reinforcements in /1 Region and the WB leaders need to decide if they can spare one (or two) groups to go in the SC with premades or if they can spare one person from each group, so that the lose in troops on the field is equilateral.

By using the above strategy you can rapidly respond to defenses in the pool and also ensure better results in your VP Locks. The better you ensure VP Locks the bigger your WBs will grow and the better moral you will have for your faction in continuing to push the cities. Sitting about always trying to Domination Lock is a good way to lose troops. This type of “sound” strategy causes massive frustration as soon as a slight error occurs and puts a halt to any further progress your armies can make that day. Pushing for VP locks is essential, but performing that task has an important role in what procedure you choose. Too often simply forcing group leaders to queue everyone results in a negative result in opposition to what was intended. And this needs to stop.

Not a leader, just a guy who judges yours,


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