Warhammer Online: Borderline Exploits

Have you recently been given a rez through a keep door?

I have accidently discovered the secret. And to my credit, all on my own. And no, not with a hack. It’s due in fact to lag and healer mods from the Curse.com clients and probably mostly because of the ‘performance’ upgrades of 1.3.2. How do you do this? Why can you do this? And should you do this?

Most importantly, how the hell can I (cough, I mean you) do this. Well, firstly, I am sure as a healer you are using Curse to give you a mod like Squared. If you are not, go shot yourself and reroll. Squared is a mod (for those of you that are not healers) that better displays health of everyone in your Warband and makes choosing worthy friendlies to heal, that much easier. Furthermore, using a mod like ISHealBot allows you to assign abilities to your clicking on friendly squares.

For example, a friendly is taking heavy damage. Without any mods you would have to click on them, either by the list on the left or by physically in your sights. Then you have to apply your healing abilities by clicking the abilities or by hitting your hot buttons numerically to activate them. There is alot of time wasted in performing these actions. To be one of the better healers, you need help. With mods like ‘IsHealBot’ you can assign the basic HoT to just basic clicking. Meaning just clicking the person in ‘Squared’ will allow you to instantly cast the HoT right when you click. That would allow you to apply a single HoT to everyone in your WB as quick as you can click. If you think about how fast you can click, that is some fast healing. Prepare to lose AP/RF quick if you aren’t careful.

Furthermore you can assign more abilities to ISHealBot by having a conditional key, like CTRL or SHIFT or ALT, or combination of those with a click on a Square. So if you are like me, you have the basic HoT on regular click, your basic instant heal on CTRL click, and Rez on SHIFT click.

Now, abilities start a cast and take the cost of AP/RF before it checks for pass/fail. If you try cast a HoT on someone 200 feet from you, that doesn’t stop the ability from taking 20 AP from you and then failing. There is a great benefit to using these mods, but also room for negative results on failures by just ignorantly clicking about. Now if it is something without a cast time (like the basic HoT), the system checks for the pass/fail, cast the ability, and when errors occur it refunds the points spent. However, in the case of abilities with cast, you are not refunded the AP for the failed cast. So in heavy combat like a Keep for instance, you can throw a cast on someone with this mod and possibly get the cast off before the system realizes you don’t have LOS, or within Range, since you can start a cast before it checks for pass/fail. In the case of heavy cast times, like rezes, you can possibly beat out the collision detection (pass/fail) and cast a rez on someone on the otherside of the door before the system realizes that shouldn’t be possible. In many cases, the error message will pop up, but too late as the cast already made it to the end of the 2 seconds and the rez is accepted. You essentially preformed a LOS exploit.

Is it my fault though? I’m not sure it’s my fault that Mythic encourages Mods and helps these mods. So I don’t think the mods are illegal, they aren’t third party programs in my background. Is it my fault as well that I didn’t realize the rez or heal intended is not in LOS (Line of Sight)? Before I went through to test to see what was happening, I went weeks without knowing I was doing it. Really, the reason this can happen is Mythic to better improve server performance must have given ability cast priority over collision detection. So though the action is tested for pass/fail, it is not immediate, therefore allowing, by accident or not, the ability to wall/obstacle heal cast.

My concern is that I don’t feel I’m hacking or exploiting on purpose, but it could be seen that way. I recognize that I can now do things beyond the intention of the game, but I’m not hacking. How close am I to the line of exploiting? Am I being watched by John Cox? I’ve reported it through feedback and the fact that I am doing it if they want to watch me to see. I like the mods and my intention here in reporting myself is that I want the exploit possibility fixed. Without those two mods, I’m not sure I could keep playing my healers. My new found ability to heal through a wall, or rez you through the door is not really one I want. I just like my mods and the ease of being a well noticed healer inside of my WB.

Now, before you walk away from this article thinking “I need to do that” or constantly fill your ventrilos with “Freakin wall hackin Shammy.” This borderline exploit is just that, borderline. Why? Because it only works under heavy collisions (lag) and few out of multiple tries. To rez someone through the door, averages about 3 tries from my findings. Each time you tried you had to pay the AP/RF for each, they don’t get refunded. So in a way, you are paying 3 times the normal cast times and AP to rez someone, on average. Same for heals that have cast times. This is normally what the combat log would look like:

00:00:00 Casting Breath of Sigmar on Captmoronbangsonram cost 20 RF
00:01:00 You cannot see your target
00:01:00 Breath of Sigmar Failed
00:02:00 Casting Breath of Sigmar on Captmoronbangsonram cost 20 RF
00:03:30 You cannot see your target
00:03:30 Breath of Sigmar Failed
00:04:30 Casting Breath of Sigmar on Captmoronbangsonram cost 20 RF
00:06:30 You cannot see your target
00:08:00 Captmoronbangsonram has accepted your resurrection.

On the third try I will still get the error, but the cast was already sent by the time it realized it failed after 2 seconds. Now weighing the benefit of this, is hard. It cost a dedicated 6 and half seconds of a healer’s time and then another 60 Rightess Fury. Pretty heavy prices for a rez. Now, if I had a helper healer in the group, didn’t have to worry about everyone whiping and I have nothing better to do then rez Captmoron, then not so much. How often do you have that benefit? Hence the title ‘Borderline.’

See, you can learn something from my rants sometimes.

Regards you hackers,



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