Warhammer Online: Coming of Times: Part 2

My last post was quite harsh, a bit rash, and even too definite. I guess in a way, if you feel like you don’t like the game, just go try something else and then see the error in your ways. So I did. And only reinforced the fact, that what I want just doesn’t exist. And being mad about that is dumb. I can only keep daydreaming my ideas for a game. Maybe if I collected those random thoughts on hard copies, I might actually be rich one day.

Until then, I will like some of my readers be going down with the ship. I will not yet renew my subscription. As stated in one of my comments, I rather not give EA accurate numbers on what to expect.

So for the meantime I am back in WAR. I don’t know what to do about it, but I am back. Unfortunately, I get to battle in an almost completely unbalanced server. Either you play early in the day to be in the RvE Order Zerg or play at night and get steam rolled by the Destro Zerg. I think I will be testing the waters on different servers. Since I am in a such a mood to tryout new and old things. Might as well do it inside the game as well.



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