Warhammer Online: Coming of Times

Late last night, a guildie pointed me to an article that stated EA had issued more layoffs and 80 of them on Mythic, the studio that currently maintains and runs Warhammer Online along with Bioware’s oversight. My good blog friend has links to creditable sources of the layoffs. Nothing confirmed by EA or Mythic yet, but it is at no surprise. We were kind of on the fence about believing an expansion might be coming. But an elimination of 40% of the staff can guarantee that one is not happening.

I really never felt WAR was a failure like so many in the dark forum commenters would have you believe. Their sly remarks and baffled speeches on uberness and how WOW is better never really phased me. Their post were seen to me as I would see any other spam advertisement along the borders. I thought the game was a great take on the PvE Warhammer world as a fan of Games-Workshop and the Open RvR that Mythic is famed for, is a great mechanic and one not any other MMO could mimic. I think my concerns and suggestions were always on what can be improved, and what could be next.

So the above bit of news definitely struck my plans in WAR hard. I still have about a month of subscription, but my new found lack luster attitude has struck on. I don’t really see the point in  grinding out a high Renown Rank. I have made about nine level 40 characters in the past year. 2 of them over Renown Rank 40. Even if the expansion was another year or so out, the work to make the game better was worth the effort. Without the possibility of expansion or growth, I’m not sure I can keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same slight frustrations taking over my attitude.

Call it a protest to those that lost their jobs, call it what you like, I cancelled my subscription renewing next cycle. Hopefully something will come to change my mind. But at this rate, I am not sure it will be coming. So my WAR Suggestion are on hold. In the mean time I have been searching on what to try out, what to go back to, and/or what to do. Granted I could just go get COD MW2, but that would make me close to a streamline gamer. And I don’t feel like paying $60 to find out something is an AIMBOT jerkfest. I’ll wait a bit. 

So this morning I started a download of LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online). Don’t know what I am getting into yet. I’m not much of an avid PvE’er. I like it, I just don’t really know how to find groups and power level all that well. Hopefully there are solo play paths to take in this. It been a  top contender for best MMO since it’s release in 2007. And still has plenty saying good things. With an expansion coming next month, who knows, maybe I’ll find something I like. I’m thinking I will probably just get my RvR craving in the second week just like in Aion. And because I am anticipating that, I have DAOC (Dark Age) on download at that same time. If I am going to go back and play RvR, maybe I should try something I haven’t. 

Here’s to good playing in the future,



5 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Coming of Times

  1. I’m going down with the ship.

    WAR was my first MMO and I haven’t been jaded by other MMOs that have come before. It surely has its faults but I enjoy playing. The PvP is a lot of fun. My expectations are in check as I don’t expect every night to be awesome. I understand that somes nights will be more fun than others. I enjoy PvP and currently there are no good substitutes … in my mind anyway.

    Darkfall — sounds too hardcore for me. And call me a wuss but I don’t like the idea of getting awesome gear, then getting killed and having it taken. I’m not a fan of such consequences in games I play.

    Aion — tried it and leveling to 25 so I can do real PvP is not appealing. Then when I’m 25 I can get ganked by 50’s. Yea! No. WAR spoils me in that I can roll a new toon and PvP at Rank 1. I’ll get rolled, but I can still do it. A ton of people who left for this game have already come back. I suppose the grass was not greener … ora t least the PvE grind wasn’t worth the effort to get access to the Abyss.

    Those are the only real PvP alternatives but I don’t claim to know them all.

    Champions — A lot of fun but PvE. Dueling does not appeal to me and those opportunities don’t come along that often in CO.

    LOTRO — PvE … probably the best lore of any MMO but it’s laden with PvE.

    Fallen Earth — not sure how the PvP is there but I am not a fan of post-apocalypic anything.

    WoW — Again, PvE to the max with PvP as an afterthought. I also can’t get over the lameness of its graphics. I don’t care how many millions play it … short of total boredom I will never play it unless Cataclysm is so uber and WAR is gone.

    My goal was to play WAR until the Warhammer 40k MMO comes out — slated for 2012. I’m not holding my breath on the release date. If WAR’s maintenance mode means fixing the game rather than adding new stuff … so be it. I don’t care if it gets merged down to one server, I will be there playing. Apparently DAOC and Ultima still exist … how many servers do they have?

    However, many aren’t thinking of other possibilities. Farming out is cheaper than doing it in-house. Some of the creative stuff could be farmed to external houses that will do it cheaper. Or maybe WAR could be sold off to another developer who would inherit a pretty cool game that is more polished now than when it launched. Sometimes new blood and the promise of new things can bring life into things. I have no clue about the licensing contract with GamesWorkshop but I’m sure it doesn’t entail the game going belly up in under 2 years.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what comes.

  2. I agree with Krosuss, I will probably go down with the ship. Infact my 6 month subscription has just come up for renewal and I will committing for at least 6 months more.

    I still have faith, though EA & Mythic do test it pretty hard sometimes.

    With some guildies hopefully returning from Warhammer, I will be alone no longer :)

  3. I don’t think expansions are completely written off. The developer’s letter said they still plan on releasing them and continuing with game updates.


    The IP will be very hard to sell off. Games Workshop has a very strong hand on the conceptual direction of the game, and changes to the lore and what not needs to be cleared through them before it can take place. I also don’t think EA would be foolish enough to sell off the game, it’s not making money hand over fist, but I’m sure it’s still profitable. All of EA faced heavy layoffs, and when you’re part of a big company, you take the good with the bad.

  4. I do react harshly very quick sometimes.

    I didn’t like my quick trial of LOTRO. I guess, I am not that big a fan of the WAR graphics, but in comparison LOTRO looks like it was made in 2002, not 2007. I couldn’t take it. Quest were kind of neat.

    Just 5 seconds into DAOC I was missing WAR.

    I hate to say it. But I’m pretty sure I am going down with the ship too. I’m keeping my suscription cancelled till next month. Just to mess with EAs forecast.

    Thanks for the boost Skar, Krosuss and Shadow. I guess I needed to try other MMOs to help me see straight.

  5. Also @ shadowwar

    I think many are shocked and angry with the decision to layoff any and hide behind the curtain of “its a bad economy.”

    EA is laying of 1,500 employees by March (80 of them Mythic) to help cut cost of upto $100 Million next year. This annoucement comes right with them reporting a $310 Million loss in the last quarter. They say it like this for us to go “wow, well these are hard times.”

    Yet the company 3 days earlier announces the buyout of Playfish for $300 Million. WTF.

    As far as I see it, you broke even in the last quarter. If you you are in financial troubles, why are you buying other companies? And then reporting it as a loss instead of an assest investment? Further more, why are you cutting in areas that make money?

    God help me if THQ is bought by EA.

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