Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 3: The Rebirth of Forts

Hello Readers,

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If you are not in game now or are just oblivious to the latest issues, Mythic in the last patch removed Forts and in the process created a city siege nightmare situation. Ultimately, I am sure they were just trying to answer the mail in which all of us (including me) were screaming for a fix in the lag monster that was forts and I think anyone who has a toon over Renown Rank 45 was wondering if they were ever going to see a city. So Mythic responded to a 2 part problem with one solution, kill the forts.

In the end we have all but one server (North America) that has an Altdorf well under rank 5. In Gorfang’s case, they have levelled IC. We wanted to see the Capital City, not live there. What can we blame? I blame the crappy test server that doesn’t test anything other than suck ups, but that’s me. I also blame the fact that we don’t have an underdog system and therefore encourage everyone to go play alts on the winning side with different servers causing the massive population imbalances we have now. But that really doesn’t fix anything by pointing fingers. Sure it makes me feel better, but it really doesn’t solve anything.

Altdorf 1 Star

And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Mythic knows what to do. The Herald, which averages about 2 post a day since launch, the RSS feed has been silent for 3 days and none of the earlier post address the most current issue. Not unless the MMO Calendar is providing us insight into a solution. My feeling is, there’s a good amount of scrambling taking place in Reston, VA this week.

To assist you, Mythic, I have written you the following feedback. Though I love to believe you read my emails, I love for others to like my suggestions too. Here’s one I hope gets through on the drawing boards.


Suggestion #4: Rebirth Forts as an Instance

Issue: Cities are too easy to siege, Lack of Pre-End Game Fun, Invader easier to obtain than Conqueror

They were thought to be a useless hard grind for conqueror gear that ended in a giant lag fest that ultimately foiled any hope to get into the opposing city. Unfortunately without them, as we can see from the track record of every single server, sieging an oppossing city is about has hard as it is to just ride to the cities’ gates without forts.

The lack of forts really takes us away from having some type of PvP situations for RR 35 to 55. You gain your Annihilator gear and now you can have Invader in no time. Making the obstacle, how quickly can you grind Renown Ranks? With my RR44 White Lion I have sitting in my Bank my Invader boots, gloves, belt, shoulders and chest piece. At this rate I am tempted to actually breakdown my warlord crest, just because I’m not sure I will ever be able to obtain the Conqueror Helm and Chest without doing that. I have a better shot of being full Invader by RR55 than I do being Conqueror by RR55. Not exactly, as that is a gross example, but there is an obvious skew in the wrong direction. Not working as intended, dare I say.

Rank 5 keeps? Ummmm … I haven’t seen one. At this rate, I think if I ever did, my chance to roll will be out of 200 others. That is what I am guessing it takes. I don’t think us other servers (non-Gorfang Iron Rock) have those kind of populations to have rank 5 keeps. Though, even with Forts, I think the Conqueror dropping rank 5 keeps should stay.

The forts had a purpose and their missing presence is much more apparent now.

Solution: Rebirth the Forts as PQs like a city with instanced Lords

The forts did not work because of the lag and the harshness of attacking the Lord with defenders. You could possibly get lucky with one Fort, but with the time constraints and raised tensions of city invasion, taking the 2nd fort is quite difficult if at all possible. By then defenders have gathered and are quite ready for your crap.

My idea is to bring the forts back into play but with more involved in having an instanced Lord Room when the attackers can clear the fort. This means that it’s instanced with better availability for Conqueror bags, it relieves fort lag, and it means the fort captures have a better possibility. Many fort takes failed just because the attackers fall just barely on the Lord (a lord whipe).

The fort would have static, not rubber band, Champs that still guard the fort and have a mini boss to kill on the second floor. Once cleared groups can enter the Lord instance on the 3rd floor. The capture of the Fort relies on Victory Points like a city PQ. Getting to the Inner Door will yield 10% VPs; getting in the Inner to Mini Boss yields 20% VPs; Killing the Mini Boss and being able to go to third floor gives 30%; and each Lord Instance kill yields an additional 20%. 2 Lord Kills would call for capture, saying there wasn’t even a defense. With whiping defenders, you can possibly avoid needing a 2nd Lord kill, but can still finish the instance if already in.

Mini Bosses and Lords drop items of value to all including Conqueror Item Drops and Rare Items, making Forts still valuable kills even if over RR50. The captured fort chest drop (separate from boss loot) will still have contributions for rewards for those that didn’t enter the Lord instance either because of groups or because of choice to kill defenders. So there is not a bum rush into the Lord instance. If you want to kill defending players, you won’t be punished for it, but a Lord kill is still needed to take the Fort in the case no one is volunteering to do the instance. We all get more chances for rewards, we have a lagless major keep take and we have better chances to get into cities as compared to the old fort system.

Also, just like cities, the Fort Rank restrictions should be reduced to 30+. I understand keeping out the 29 and belows. But 37+ only enforces the use of gank squads, which is not beneficial to either side. As it causes a needless desire to keep watch resulting in boredom or frustrations.


Still formulating (writing) City Siege Improvements and Land of the Dead ideas, be on the lookout this week and next,


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