Citibank: Cancelled Cards and Lies.

This blog entry doesn’t fall under my normal gaming reviews or suggestions, it falls under my random rants. And if your reading this you are probably torqued just like me and my blog hit your google/bing search when you searched for answers.

So what’s my beef this week?

Citibank and their corrupt mayhem and utter disregard for just simply operating as atleast a mediocre business. If you have any business with Citibank and possibly have a bonus credit card with them and/or are still confused of what’s happening to you, please read on. Just recently Citibank has made a large effort to close down “unwanted” gas bonus credti card accounts. By “unwanted”, not so much that they are overdue accounts as they are ones that the company is not making money off of. Here is some basic background to share on my experience with this. 

I had a Exxon Mobil Card through Citibank which was the best and top of the pile card in my wallet. 15 cents on every gallon and 1% on all purchases. I never spent more than I had, and their was never a point in which I had a balance. When you commute 30K a year, the benefits of this card go without saying.

But without warning, literally about a week ago, my favorite credit card is being denied, everywhere. Embarrassing, yes. Cause for concern, yes. I used this card for everything. I’m not even close to my limit. I go and check online, everything seems normal. I even call the hotline and I am told that “nothing seems wrong.” So I take my car in for some repairs and there again, the card gets denied. So I call again, and NOW I am told that my account has been closed due to negative credit history on a recent inquiry to Equifax. They didn’t care that they never informed me formally or that they lied to me just a day before, or did they share what this bad history was. I would “have to speak with Equifax.” Oh that’s cute. You ever just called and spoke to a Credit Bureau before? It is not possible. So in a worry that I am in the middle of a credit scam and my identity has been stolen, I purchase all 3 of my credit reports. I do keep an open membership with Experian and monitor my credit monthly as they send me e-mails, but I wanted to know what Equifax knew.

Surprise! Nothing’s different. Nothing negative and nothing has changed. I call back Citi and same response, I push harder to speak with someone else or a manager and got hung up on. So I shredded my card and paid my balance. Meanwhile I waited for my formal letter from Citi. The reason they shutdown my card … (drum roll please) … “Lack of Credit History.”

To quote the interwebs “WTF.” Well obviously that’s bulltards. I’m twenty seven. I never had a checking balance over $2K, let alone paid for something in cash. I’ve had 3 cars, student loans and dozens of credit cards. I’m lucky to not be over my head in debt. But lack of history? I don’t know what counts as credit history then. I’ve been an active card holder just with you guys for over a year. That’s a stupid excuse you could give me when I was 18 when I apply for the card, not at 27 and after a year as a card holder. Really … WTF.

But here is the real twist that you should all care about. Because Citibank closes the account this way, the report goes to all 3 bureaus stating that I have a negligent, I’ll repeat myself, it goes as a Negative Closing of an account that had to be forcibly closed by the loaner. So though Citibank didn’t actually have any  negative history before, they will be happy as clams to create it for you.

So to all those that haven’t yet opened that letter to see why, or maybe are just wondering what’s happening, or just want to know you are not alone. You are not, read and beware. And you are further getting bent over. This isn’t just a loss of a bonus card this is negative credit hitting your history.

For those that still get to keep your card and haven’t been shut down, you may like to know that you haven’t received this letter yet:

Enjoy your secret 29.99% interest increase that has taken effect, they just don’t feel the need to tell you, yet.

For Citibank, this won’t go unremembered, this isn’t water under a bridge. You didn’t close an account because you were having problems and needed to and do it in a decent manner. You cut cost at the expense of unsuspecting customers. You are everything we fear and hate about large banks. Forever, any affiliation that a company has with Citibank, is a company I won’t ever deal with.

Furthermore as per the letters I sent to Exxon/Mobil, it is also your responsibility to help your customers when an affiliate does something like this. Your inaction and lack of care does not go without notice. I will never ever, ever so help me from a life or death situation ever buy anything in affiliation to your company, Exxon Mobil. The card was to help ensure my spending means at your stations, now it ensures that you never receive so much as a penny from me for a lifetime. Not that I am that influential, but I hope it effects you in some way and any future problems that your company may befall will be a lifting joy to my betrayed heart.

Citibank, go *!$%#&$* yourself. I hope your company fails and your decisions to make horrible business practices are met with everlasting disdain and retaliation from everyone you screwed over. Your pathetic and needless actions does not go unnoticed and will not be forgiven or forgotten.




4 thoughts on “Citibank: Cancelled Cards and Lies.

  1. thank -you for saying it first!!! citi can go !@?? !@!@ themselves… and the horse they rode in on. Now is the time for us people to actually Keep our money..

  2. Gotta love it when the “Speedpass does not work again” and you call and they tell you your account is closed because they are no longer affiliated with Mobil. I feel I have kept up my end of the agreement but Citibank #%@^&$ me. Speedpass was easy and I have had this card for over 3 years.

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