Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 2: Armor Redesigns and Customization

If you want to read the beginning of the rant or atleast the previous suggestions, go here:

Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 1

Last week I explored ideas with finding Dungeon groups and the Battle Objective improvements. But this week I want to focus on my attention with armor, colours and customization. As that is the hot objective Mythic seems to have on their plate.

Just to catch you up on armor redesigns, here are the herald articles revealing their progress so far:

Armor Set Post 1
Armor Set Post 2
Armor Set Post 3

I’ve spoken my peace on the forums. I think many others saw the same things I did. If you haven’t put in feedback on your thoughts, go do it. I don’t mind reading negative feedback. I do mind reading post that say “Where’s the Slayer/Choppa armor?” when they devs post over and over how they aren’t doing those two over. But yet it does not matter, these people don’t read, they clicked reply as quick as the screen loads the button.

I snicker now, because in the case of the Warrior Priest armor redesign for the Conqueror Set, I basically did the same thing. The intensity of my anger was one I couldn’t wait through 2 pages of reading for me to be able to wait on posting my immediate thought process. I atleast read after and edited my post in the cases I saw my stupidity. Heaven help me if my point is mute because I say one dumb thing. Which in forums, it only takes one shady area of your argument to make the whole point invalid.

As for my feedback  to Mythic on character customization:


Suggestion #3: Customization and Character Individuality

Issue: Almost a Complete lack of individual customization

Though the statement seems rough, harsh and not completely true, there is not really much that  seperates me from someone else playing my class. In all, almost everyone in T4 is wearing the same thing; Annihilator/Conqueror. Some few in Invader with very few in Warlord or PvE sets. Combined with our guild cloaks and our wonderful palet of colours from the rainbow pride parade there is very few ways to make me feel different from the same class standing right next to me. This issue has so many small points to it, that I have made different part suggestions.

Solution A: Armor Skins

I think additional art for the Mythic Armor Sets is a great idea. And this idea is not to overthrow that. The issue here is that we should be able to somewhat choose how or which armor I want to show. I think the answer is having a equipment skin pool in the Tome of Knowledge. When you equip the armor piece (before it’s bound) you can pick which skin you want that piece to look like. So in T1 you have 2 skins to start, the one you were born with and the other skin you would get by finding any new piece of armor in that tier. And then when you enter T2, you will open up a new set of skins to choose from when you equip new armor. Approximately you would have 3 to 4 choices in tier 2. Either the skin of your starting armor (only works for boots, and chest, maybe belt), T1 regular armor, T2 regular armor, and/or possibly any Decimator armor you unlocked) Some items might have many choices, some others like helms will only have one choice in T2.

This idea would be known as an armor pool. This pool would be your ability, or list of available skins to choose to put on your armor as you equip it, so long as you have earned the right to these skins. Either by entering that tier or by earning the Mythic (very rare) gear that would normally unlock a unique look in that tier. The Decimator would be the unique unlock skin for T1, and Obliterator for T2 and so on. So the pool just keeps going but doesn’t limit you not to choose a previous tier skin, or a regular skin over the mythic set. For multiple reasons. Maybe you preferred the previous skin over your newly found ‘better’ stuff. Maybe for roleplay reason (example of a WP that’s wants to Roleplay a humble role and prefers the T1 stuff). And mainly, so that your enemy doesn’t know everything about you by simple glance. And then even more to the main point, so we can look different and more like something we wanted to play.

In many classes, there are just these one armor set you made that we all want, and the rest we could care less for. For White Lions, it is the Sentinel set. For most classes, it is Sentinel set. But for WLs especially, the new armor you have coming looks great, but I still rather be wearing the Sentinel. The chest and the helmet are pretty much the reason, most of us even started a WL. Currently, I’m not even going to grind the Crypts with my WL, because Invader is something much better to wear. But man does it piss me off that I will never have my WL look like that. With the armor redesigns, I can look foward to giant cones on my head. But really, I want (and any WL that disagrees is a liar) the Sentinel helm. Same for other classes. Witch Hunter, Maruader, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Sorceress, Black Ork are shining examples of classes that suffer from ‘I wish I could always wear my Sentinel gear’ syndrome.

This really isn’t something I think wouldn’t be all the difficult to setup, and it’s really not adding anything, but it gives us players a giant amount of customization.

Solution B: Expanded ‘Armor Colour’ Palet at Merchants

Yeah, I know. “More Colors!” This isn’t the first time Mythic has been asked. But really, the palet sucks. Flat out. I’m guessing when the palet was agreed upon in the beginning, it must have been a dart game with different varieties of Skittles on the board. And someone hit the Tropical Skittles bag with a dart and here we are now….. with a wonderful arrangement of colours suitable for Jimmy Buffett concerts. I’m sure you’ve heard it enough times.

I get it, Chaos Black would just mean we would all be in black. It has to be rare. But do the basic Greens, Blues and Red have to be? They don’t drop anywhere near the rate that must have been intended. But I am not really asking for those on the palet. I want ‘Armor’ colours. I don’t want to paint my metal clad pink, or purple or gold. I want it to be metal. But it came out of this gold bag as …… Hot pink. Oh yeah. Awesome. Nothing says “Hey I have my full Invader gear” like Hot Pink. Oh don’t worry guys, we can take this keep, Freddy Mercury just arrived in his new Invader Suit.

Just add gunbolt metal on there. I mean, even in the armor redesigns you show everything in armor colored armor. Just give us that ability too. That’s all. No red, no blue, no black. Just give me the ability to have armour color armor. PLEASE. I will buy a year subscription right now if you do. Promise to Sigmar, I will screenshot the purchase page on this blog as soon as you do it. There you go, probably 5 minutes of a programmers time and I will immediately reward you.

Solution C: Jewelry, Hair and Facial Changes

Many of us started and customized a character that for some reason we just aren’t proud of now. We regret the Wooden Crown on our Warrior Priest, we regret the Giant Hair on our Dwarf, we feel that it’s quite possible my Witch Elf could simply braid her hair a different way, maybe baby blue ear rings don’t match my guild standard, I liked my custom beard for my Rune Priest from the collector’s edition, but I’m not a fan of this pink tatoo on my Black Guard’s face.

Whatever the reason, many ….. reiterate many, of us prefer to keep our helmets on. Maybe not for a good reason.

I think the simple capability to add a character redesign merchant in the Capital Cities is a good move. For a large fee, anyone can go change their appearance as many times as they can afford it. Again, another idea I doubt would take alot to implement.

Solution D: Guild Banner Changes

There are two parts to this. Again, like character customization, many of our guild leaders made choices on the banners they weren’t happy with. In many cases we merged and got a second chance, but not all of us. We choose banners that looked the way we wanted with the hope and drastic assumption that one day we would be able to find dyes like the ones we put on our guild standard. Well … a year later and not so much. We regret the olive greens, the dark blues, the dark greys and so many others. In some cases, we aren’t so happy with the borders or maybe even the design in the middle.

The guild leaders should be given a Standard Merchant or option in the guild tab to be to, for a large large fee be able to change the standards of their guild. To make up for their past regrets.

Also, we never did got our promised banner trinkets and trophies. This was kind of a lost idea that was originally an excitable idea, to be able to put trophies and symbols on our guild banners. I say we should be able to take the extensive library trophies and give them the ability to be put on the banner. By choice of the carrier. Again a simple addition to a items already available.

Hope you enjoyed this article’s suggestions. Please steal the ideas and send them to Mythic. Next article ideas are on improving Land of the Dead.

Regards readers,



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