Warhammer Online: This year’s Witching Night – Daemon Moon Rising

The new Live Event for WAR hit one day earlier than expect yesterday. I logged on last night played it up and down and was hoping to make my first ever Live Event guide. But alas, there is no point. Garrawarr’s post is a perfect as you can make it. If you want to know everything you can about the event read it here:


But I don’t do guides anyways. I do criticism., cause I am an asshole. What would you expect from a blog called Mr. Meh? Nothing less.

Out of all the events so far, I like this one the most. Not only are the rewards, actually rewards, but the objectives are quite festive and ones that everyone seems to enjoy doing. With the recently fixed Scenario queue issue resolved, we can all just jump right into the High Pass Scenario and live it up. Or rather, die it up. As that’s all that seemed to happen last night. The problem with the mask in this years’ event, they actually have abilities, but with massive cooldowns. So DPS, like my White Lion can issue some seriously close to instant kills. And received them too, seemingly more than I dished it seemed. But at certain points I just felt .. ‘this is a healer nightmare.’ How can you heal something taking 4,000 dps? It was just near impossible. I take that back, it was impossible.


I started the night on my Warrior Priest and just couldn’t take it. Instant death after instant death. And  I am a hard cookie. With a 42% Disrupt rating along with Armor and Toughness I have been the last man standing in almost all whipes. And in rare cases I have been the single man that raised back the whole army for a win. That Moral 4 is nice, but only in one case scenario. But last night, I am nothing. I’m not tough, I’m not healing fast enough, and I think my cooldowns for respawn were longer then the amount of time I spent alive. Not once did I accomplish over 2K renown in a SC. In some, I can’t kill  and no one else is; a couple of times I didn’t even break 1k. WTF!

Screw it, if we are going to lose every single time, then I atleast want to kill one thing. I logoff my WP and log back in Kauyon, my semi-retired White Lion. Man, oh man, what fun. With a Plague Mask or even better the Gobo Mask, I am just downright … destructive. No wonder I couldn’t stay alive as a healer, they have no place in this event. It’s all out DPS, whoever’s fingers are faster is king. I know I made some Squig Herders and Magi lives hell last night. Even in the fray I would just Fetch them right out.

I’m sure they were screaming “why me?”, everytime. “Why? Why? There are healers to kill, why is he running past zealots and getting me?”

Here is the answer: It’s only a short amount of time before one of you Sorcs or Choppas notice me, I don’t have time for your healer, I’m not here for the 500 point win anymore, I want kills and I want Renown. You will die in 2 seconds, the zealot will take 5. I may not have that kind of time, unless I do, then they will die too. But you are first. Sorry.

So though I enjoyed my time, it really sucked as a healer or squishy. In that respect, I think Mythic made it hard for certain players in this event. If I didn’t have alts, I would have gone into a nerd rage frenzy. I couldn’t have taken it. And I’m sure that happened to a great deal of players last night. By midnight, I didn’t see more than one healer at a time in a Scenario on both sides. How many were alt changes, how many were rage quits?


Besides what I see as imbalances in Scenarios, I’m not … ecstatic that Mythic went from the Witching Night to the Daemon Moon Rising lore. Why not have repeating events yearly? It ties right into the ‘real’ world’s holidays. Not to mention the run off of Death Night (retitled Witching for the game) is perfect lore from the actual Warhammer World. An event in which the Witch Elves terrorize the streets about the Dark Elf kingdom in celebration of the Murder God, Khaine. It’s so twisted from the point of Hallowe’en, that you just gotta love it. I’m not quite sure why Mythic would go with this Khorne based event. My guess is they had graphics for a Bezerker Lord Boss they just had to use.

I personally would have loved this event in particular to stay a yearly tradition for the end of October.  That’s my peace there that it wasn’t name Death/Witching Night.


The only other criticism I have is the one event /DRINK to each class in Altdorf/IC. I have the rage of a teenager to just drive a couple minutes to Reston and start kicking Mythic’s entire staff in the nuts. If it is a girl, it the ovaries. No biases for this nerd rage act. First of all, emote events are stupid. STUPID I say! Seeing that you don’t really have any emotes surprisingly for a game that you mainly get subscriptions from fanboys and fanatics of the Warhammer Lore, I still can’t get how that happened. When in developement for the game. The list for what to do should have been:

Make Terrain
Make Classes
Code Emotes
Design Armor

Too late now. But just pointing out the obvious oversight to a  game strictly popular due to table top nerds. So making an event task to point out further more how you failed to give us the emotes is beyond …. moronic. To further rub sand and salt into our wounds, you make us do it to each class. Do you know how hard it is to find a Witch Hunter, let alone in Altdorf? You nerfed ’em, they ain’t around no more. I’m not sure that I am just mad you limited it to Altdorf or that you yet again made an emote task for a Live Event despite the overwhelming useless-ness of it all. And that’s all there is to say.


Beyond my nerd rage is some advice. One of your task in the Live Event is to go kill 50 Daemons. I can’t tell you how many toons I saw right outside the Chaos Waste Camp in that spreadout PQ looking for Blood Letters. The easiest and faster way to do the task as Order is to fly to Nordland, travel down the road to Chapter 2, and then on to the Burning Windmill. On graphic settings on high, you can see the PQ from the flight master. The PQ is nothing but a first stage of Flamers. 50 of them to be precise. Perfect. In 2 minutes you will be one grind of the Event closer to completion.

Cheers and blood, the Nights of Death are on us all,



4 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: This year’s Witching Night – Daemon Moon Rising

  1. Loved the post!

    What’s even better about the emote task … is you’re supposed to /drink with one of each class … they don’t provide a list of who you’ve drank with and who you haven’t.

    This was really a fun thing during that one Live Event when we needed to /toast and /boast everyone.

    • Thanks for the feedback,

      I actually found late in the weekend that you can see what you have /drink to and which class you have killed while masked. Under the Live Event screen if you click the actually task it should open a new window showing what we are looking to know.

      For some reason, it took till Sunday to find a Black Guard. That’s how I figured it out. I never could figure out the Tenticle Pies. Or why they turned to Qty 5 after you recieved another set of them. I have to assumed bugged.

      • I will check that out as that was not in one of the past live events but they did have the link for the Wild Hunt with all the animals we were to slay.

        Black Guard are tough to come by, as are Magus.

        I got some Tentacle Pies from the mystery bag we get after completing the special quest a second time. I could swear it initially gave me 20 of those buggers but you’re right … when I last looked there were only 5.

        So that means if you hit an enemy with one on the killing blow you should get the title “Pie Assassin”.

  2. One more correction:

    I had orginally disliked the massive cooldown on the mask. That was before my small little brain remembered I could just switch them out after combat.

    DUH. I shall be uber one day. Just not today.

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