WAR Suggestions: Act 1: Ignored Feedback Regurgitated

Ever since the announcement of the game Warhammer Online, I have always been guessing to what we would see next. Whether during the stages of developement or throughout the past year, I have consistently come up with this imaginary idea that suddenly Mythic becomes my company and I am the single point into what direction I would take this new imaginary game. In some cases I recorded these ideas and in most cases I just dreamed those ideas in the shower; but my thoughts and suggestions have always been, atleast to me, realistically possible to accomplish. Whether lost in time due to forgetfulness or written incoherently with belligerence to the feedback channels to Mythic, these jolts of ideas just seemingly come to me all the time.

Over the past year, as I have puked these garbled random thoughts from my over pretentious brain I have been overloading the feedback email and in-game feedback notes with my thoughts and suggestions. To all of which, not one response, not one read receipt. Meh. What should I expect? I just have fun dreaming them up. It’s not like I am going to get a response like this: ‘Oh thank Sigmar you are here. I wish we could clone you, so we could fire this useless staff.’ (Imaginary Mythic Boss Type Guy). Though this happens in my head. It most certainly isn’t happening anytime soon.

I’m not even sure that they get the feedback. It might be a bug. Or maybe no one actually works in that department. It doesn’t really matter. The point to me is the gratification with not only identifying a possible problem, but inventing a broad, high level (no detail as to how) solution and just feeling just keen about doing it. In some cases in the past, I have thought so deeply into the process and idea that I somehow convince myself that it happened, log-on that night, and somehow am flabbergasted as to why that feature isn’t there.

So though I try to keep all the e-mails that I send, I somehow setup my one email account to do this quick load into Outlook (New computer) and like I didn’t already know, if you delete it on the Outlook server it deletes it on the main server. Presto! All 42 (or somewhere about that) email suggestions to Mythic gone from my sent folder. Not that I can be upset. Most of which were such simple suggestions that I think everyone gave that input and quite a few have been seen in some way. I still think I had quite a few that were just great quality goals to implement, and the good news is that I liked them so much, they are just too hard to forget. I’ll still spam up the feedback channels to Mythic in any case. But seeing that the likelihood of the feedback ever being read is coming down to slim margins, I figured this blog I started a couple months ago we be a wonderful place to post them. Wonderful, as in easily copy and paste them here too.

Here are some of my recent submissions —- or they are close to recent.


Suggestion #1: PvE Dungeon Raiding Group Finder

Issue: PvE Dungeon Groups are not as easy to find as compared to a RvR group.

You want to go RvR, you simply can open the ‘Open Warband’ Icon and find out exactly what groups are around, how many they have, and how far the leader (time wise) is away from you. Saying it’s not buggy and showing last nights bands, or an improper amount of troops. With the help of Mods like SOR (State of the Realm) or just looking at the maps, you can find out which Realm has action, go there and join someone. Atleast in most cases. Heaven forbid there is nothing but full or private WBs. But in any event, due to the maps, you can always go find some action in little time. The game’s goal is massive RvR, so the problem doesn’t sit here. The issue is with the small population (or maybe there are actually more) PvE dungeon players wanting to find faster ways to get into a group for a dungeon.

I would personally go insane if this game was based on PvE, but even I want to go do some (grindy) boss raids sometimes. I want a shot at the cool looking armor or weapons. Even though the odds of a drop I can use is nill, I would still like to go when I get that itch. The current abilities of the group finding is not useful in this manner. Currently, the going way to find a dungeon raid is Spamming Local, and now with <Advice> it might happen there too. These ‘pick up’ groups can take forever to build, and usually fall right apart as soon as something goes wrong. They also generally rely on someone doing a favor by going. Like a fully Superior Warded character assisting in a Crypts run. They have no need to go, they are trying to be a team player, but their interest just aren’t there.


The Open Party Window had a section built into it for finding groups world-wide. I don’t believe it has ever worked, or no one knows how to use it. The need here is for groups to show on the open join window showing a group is forming for a particular dungeon raid, despite the realm you are currently in.

For example it would be displayed in the party window instead of ‘PVE’ or ‘RVR’ – instead it would show ‘Lost Vale’. Whether or not the group was even yet in the instance. So my friend ‘Someguy’ and I, ‘Kauyon’ could start a group, have a quick and easy roll down menu that allowed me to pick what the group was for. Not a /partynote, a pull down menu. So we start the group we (I) choose the purpose; IE RVR, Chapter 12, Lost Vale, Vulture Lord, Warptunnels, Gunbad, et cetera and as long as I choose an instance purpose, I show up on everyones’, not just that region, everyone’s WB finder as Kauyon 2/6 Lost Vale [Join]. If I choose ‘RVR’ I stay in that region only. Or maybe just my Tier (Ding..New Idea in a new idea).

So even though my friend and I are waiting about in Avelorn (T3), our group is showing to Altdorf, Reikland, Dragonwake, everywhere until our group is full or disbanded. And that way, we aren’t just sending random tells or spamming Altdorf or atleast not so much. And group will form faster. My worry is that, people want to do PvE Dungeons, but unless you are in a well organized Guild doing them all the time, I think it’s a un-utilized option in the game that should most definitely be more popular. I am not sure what it would take to implement a cross zone WB, but this would most definitely add to the excitement to all players, who would just like to do a PvE run when the itch comes. And I think that’s most of us. I think this was probably the purpose of the World tab in the party finder, I just don’t see that anyone is using it, or neither can I prove it works at all.


Suggestion #2: Strategic Objectives in Open RvR

Issue: Battlefield Objectives feel more of a grind then having a purpose.

Though it’s clear this wasn’t the entire intention, victory point locking a zone in T4 is about as rare as ….. has there ever been a VP lock in T4? It’s undeniable, it just doesn’t happen anymore. Either because pre-T4 is dead and the prior tier contribution is never going to help, or the ever long broken Scenario bug that has supposedly been fixed, or possibly the weights on how a zone locks by VP is just not balanced properly. In any case, locking a zone means having a WB watching every single BO, WC, and secret PvE route possible. Incredibly boring and a moral killer to top it heaven forbid a BO gets ninja’d. Though without the timers, zone locks were near impossible, so the judgement isn’t to be passed there.

I believe the issue lies with the overall purpose of the Battlefield Objective (BO). The inability to guard it well, and its almost seemingly useless purpose, other than 800 Renown in 3 minutes. These points are known to most as RvE. Realm zerg, waiting impatiently for 3 minutes around a flag, because they are starved for some kind of points.

Solution: Tactical BO arrangements.

originally about 2 years ago when I watched the podcast on RvR and Keeps, I seem to remember BOs being described as landmarks to capture for the purpose of opening up the ability to assault the keep. Meaning to assault one keep you had to capture 2 specific BOs. Preventing Keep ninja’ing if you will.

I think this should be implemented; but only in the respects that holding that BO grants an advantage to taking a keep, not so much the ability. So if my groups’ ultimate goal was to take a particular keep, I would first want to take BO #1, and that would grant the ability to plant siege cannons at the keep. And capturing BO #2, would grant the platforms for a Ram. So not having the BO, doesn’t prevent me from just banging on a keep with my axe, but not having it is a major pain and delay. Further more, just having one, still gives me some advantage as I can build cannons.

And even further more, it presents a defensive ability. As in a WB takes 2 BOs runs to the keep bangs on the first door, mean while the opposing army, outnumbered or unable to get into the keep due to gank squads goes and takes a BO back. Then the attacking army goes into the inner to find …  no ram pad. SH***T! Meaning, assaulting a keep now becomes a multi-point strategic plan. Holding those BOs is as important during the assault as they were before taking them.

I think this is one small step back to an orginal idea in making the Open RvR more strategic and less boring as a BO grind can be.


I have more suggestions to come. Please come back for more mehs,



9 thoughts on “WAR Suggestions: Act 1: Ignored Feedback Regurgitated

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    • I’m glad you commented. It introduced me to your blog.

      I like reading other fellow giant wall of text bloggers. We are truly rare breads.

      Thanks for the feedback, more importantly thank you for the blog to read now.

  2. You really don’t get VP locks in the US? On Karak Norn in europe at least 75% of locks are VPs, and pretty much only VP locks happen during primetime.

    • I haven’t seen it for some time. Atleast up until after a wrote this article, that night I saw it twice.

      Stupid scenario fix.

      Were you all on Karak Norn able to VP Lock without scenarios working properly? Or was that never a problem there?

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