Aion Online: Channel Surfing and Time Wasted


I had an interesting weekend. I learned alot, met new people, but really didn’t accomplish much. Essentually I spent about 12 hours online on Friday night and throughout the rest of the weekend. And to show for it ONE rank.

How? Well atleast for Elyos, somewhere about 17 to 19 you have to go into the Krall Outpost, which is a group effort. Here is where a veteran player from WAR starts to get annoyed. You just miss the beauty of Open Parties that Mythic so dutifully employed. 

Forced group PvE to advance is dumb. If you can’t fully solo the whole way through, you failed at making the game. Group instances are fun. And should be rewarding. Not an obligation to advance. Just my 2 cents. The result, hours go by grinding repeatable quest and spamming /3 Find Group: LFG Krall.

After hours and hours, never really found a group doing that. It took about the 7th to finally just see “LFM Krall.” I couldn’t type /whisper to save my life I was so worried. But sure enough I got in. I was the only 17 in a rank 21 man group, but I finally was going to get to do Krall.

I think I was lucky, I got a great group. Not one belligerent that I was 4 ranks under anyone of them. All willing to assist. I never once asked to be helped with my specific missions, they asked me. Wanting to help. Though the likelihood is small, if any of <Adeptus> from Lumiel are reading this, you run a great team. Or atleast have good people in it.

They seem to really love to dance:


I also learned about a little action known as Channel Hopping. Apparently, NCSoft knows clearly that you have ‘named’ boss thieves, so there are channels of main instances for the game. So technically you could be standing in any one spot and be talking to the same NPC with about 20 other people, but only see 5.

Some one killed the ‘named’ boss you need, well check out channel 4, he’s probably spawned in there. Nice little option I don’t think I have ever seen before in an MMO. Maybe it’s always been in NCSoft games, I just never knew it.

I didn’t accomplish much this weekend. But I still chalk this time up as time spent with interest.



One thought on “Aion Online: Channel Surfing and Time Wasted

  1. I love the switch channel option :) Great for farming named too hehe! Krall is a bit of a pain happy to hear ya got it done :)

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