Aion Online: Reroll

I don’t have good things to say about my Chanter. I started with Kauyon as a Priest on Lumiel Server. I had fun figuring out everything for the first time. Correcting people on I love Curse. But people comment before thinking.

Anyways, I accidently picked Chanter at my Deava conversion. And I still went with it. But as a hybrid, it sucks. I see the advantage of buffs for the group, but I’m not sure I see the solo advantage. You suck at DPS, you can’t parry squat, and your heals are almost less effect than the natural regen buff that every other class gets. In the end, bandages cost little and are just as effective. But we don’t have to spend Mana to use it.

Short story, here’s my new Gladiator, LAEG:


With stocks of bandages and potions, for a small fee you can solo so much faster through everything. Literally, ranks 2 to 10 took 2 hours.

I wonder if at rank 30 I will change my mind,



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