Aion Online: Queue times, Private Stores and Auto-run

So it was about 2 days ago that I corrected on Aion online. Some one put a completely false statement under the topic of queue times. Stating that queue times were ridiculous reaching 7 hours in some cases, but NCSoft fixed that by patching against Private Stores auto logging you in 30 minutes. Wrong. It was not fixed, we are still having large queue times.

Besides queues, I am yet to find a good purpose to private stores. Maybe in the end game with extremely rare items there could be a good use. But in all seriousness, why? We have auctions. I don’t want to go randomly searching for something, I want that shit now. The idea of private stores are just dumb. And until someone can come up with a good enough rationale to keep them, I would rather have dozens of horrible hip-hop dancing toons in one place, then dozens of bums selling useless crap.

What brought on this rant? I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, Sinnir’s Asylum.

Particularly her rant on private stores. She does have a cool screen shot of two shops singing the anthem to America’s obesity.

But to my point. Though Private Stores might have been a large reason for the overwhelming queue times, the patch has not fixed anything. At night and on weekends, the evil queue time is still there.

It was Wednesday when I sat waiting in queue for almost 45 minutes to finally log on and get reminded by the GF that we need to go get dinner and the fridge is empty. Crap. I just finally got on. Answer, find a corner and Auto-Run (Num Lock). Came back an hour later to a fully logged on toon.

I am betting I am not the only one that knows. Just my thoughts on the queue monster. Plus my added obnoxious-ness about private store. They are one bad step above chinese gold sales. And almost as annoying.




Note: Just to clarify. I did it that one time. I am not going to keep my computer on just to avoid queue times. Please don’t judge me too harshly. I’m just the nark.


One thought on “Aion Online: Queue times, Private Stores and Auto-run

  1. Private stores R the SUCK! I think its rediculous that people should have to sit in a que for hours on end while others in game have a private store up afk selling the same things that are likely for sale on the broker not less than 10 ft away. Lets not mention the insane amount of lag and chatter that its creating in an already crowded area!

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