Lost my love for the game

It has been a short run for almost nothing to say.  But I think my time in WAR is coming to a close.

I have not yet officially ended my subscription, which renews on the 27th. But I think that shall happen soon. I don’t really have anything against the game. I think Mythic did a great job. I love the RvR aspect, even when I’m not loving getting zerged on. But the game is winding down and we are already seeing populations shoot through the floor.

Besides T4 being the same pathetic crap of constant bickering in local, you have almost no activity. My guild is winding down and the alliance is losing active members quick. Not that I think Champions is taking anyone, but Aion’s release should probably end it. At first, I didn’t think the game itself could do it. But the community in large for WAR is angry and is leaving quietly. They were loud before, but now are just fading away knowing that their shouts are not heard.

This will inevitably lead to further server merges. And I don’t want to go to a non-RP enviroment. At this rate you have die hard table top players and then you have those that will just come back and forth out of the game, hoping changes have been made. But that’s not the community I wanted to be part of.

So now I look for what’s new and where to go. I will love to follow my guild, but at this point there doesn’t seem to be a direction anyone has suggested going. Some are playing AoC, other EQ2, and some have just stopped MMOs and just forum troll the site.

I am thinking of testing out Champions just for the customization ability, but I don’t think it will hold my attention for more than the month it comes with. And unless all my guild mates play Aion for atleast a month a like it, I’m not buying another NCSoft game. I will be watching closely, as that seems to be where everyone is putting their eggs.

An Ally on WAR suggested Fallen Earth. I have been checking it out.

I might just reactivate my EVE account for the time being.


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