Warhammer Online: 1.3.1 and Why …. ?


Well, there is so much to talk about. But I and you just don’t have that kind of time. If you haven’t logged into the mess yet, and you suffer from horrible nerd rage, do yourself a favor and wait a bit longer to log on. Here’s a quick synopsis on my take over the issues I saw instantly.


Overall, I think Mythic (and now BioWare, that’s right your name is going down too) has probably made there worst mistakes yet. Currently, for mysterious reasons, the game just constantly crashes. It only seems to be just before a giant defense tick though.

Yeah, that’s right Mythic, you owe me 2,500K in renown for the defense of Wilhelm’s in Reikland last night.

Besides the constant crashing, which isn’t happening at load screens or zone changes, has got to be in Mythic’s mysterious graphic upgrades they comment on in the patch notes:


Just in case you want to read them.

I’m thinking they broke trophies again when they did this too. Only half of my trophies are showing.

And for the last time: You haven’t fixed Judgement, try again. But this time, log onto your WP and try it out before stating you fixed it.

The summoning stones are stupid, I hope it didn’t take too long to program.


Good stuff: I like the new ramps. The open large stair case going up the side and then entering the back wall is how they should have been the whole time. But now I don’t like the old ramps. We don’t need two, we just need one that’s fun to get up and is fun to defend. So you get a partial thumbs up there, Mythic.

I know its little and really useless. But the reace specific mailbox’s make me happy. If you ever make the flying out fo zone race specific, you will make me really happy.

In the end, lets just hope you truly made the city sieges better, cause as far as I see it, the patch is an overall failure. Better work quick, constant crashes is a good way to lose subs real quick.

Good luck on your fixes. I’m sure there is lots of frustration and screaming in Reston today. I think I can hear you nerds in Herndon. Hope to log onto a well oiled machine tonight,


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