I just can’t help myself

I got a new itch. It just keeps happening. This alt problem. I don’t think I am the only one.

I want to play something new.  I think I have played as much as I can on the healer side. I have my Warrior Priest, Nicholaes to 37, Kauyor my Archmage to 25 and Laeg, the RP to 17. I’m pretty much done with Kauyor I think. And Nicholaes is at a good position to just jump right back on anytime.

This new itch started last night as two things happened. One I met up with an Alliance Member that played a great Iron Breaker and two, believe it or not, it was because of crafting.

I have Nicholaes at Talisman Making 200 and Salvaging at 200. I though I get nice purple or blue level 200 fragments from the invader gear I break down, the result of a 200 fragment is never as good as a lower level fragment. I don’t get it. I have 4 fragments to use last night. A purple Willpower 200, a blue Strength 200, a blue Strength 150 and a purple Strength 100. I have plently of 200 Essence, 200 Curios (AH bought) and 200 Dust. Only 150 boxes though.

Still, the purple 200 results in a 19 Willpower talisman. Meh. the 200 Strength result in 18 Str one. i. But yet the 150 turned out to be a 20 Strength talisman. Hmmmm. And the purple 100, a 22 Strength talisman. WTF.

Why, Mythic? Is it because of the box? It doesn’t make sense.

So anyways, I’m making Laeg, my Rune Priest, the main Talisman Maker (lvl ~125) and the main Salvager (lvl ~50). Aengus, my Engineer, will be the main Scavenger (lvl ~150).

I want a tank though. I don’t like end game armor for Swordmasters. And the Knights’ armor is that much worse. Clever, but not my pint of lager. And I want to play something low level to gain gear for Laeg to break down. I could use the AH (Auction House), but I wanna play lower tiers atm.

So here he is, the new guy, Bhaldur

T1 Entry Bhaldur

Here’s hoping I don’t get bored,



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