Though practically useless, I obtained the Decimator Set for Laeg.

Mainly for kicks of just trying to obtain each item set with this character since  I didn’t do this on Nicholaes (recent WP) or my AM, Kauyor. For some reason Mythic had the Exp and RR requirements for Uncommon Renown gear set extremely low for the past couple of months until the last update. All the way upto Annhilator you could always wear better green stuff than orange stuff. You can be in full Vanguard (top T4 renown gear) by Rank/RR 27. So with the others, I just didn’t bother.

But since item sets do help now, and with the ease of obtaining medallions, why not? Though I was right out of T1 fairly quick and forgot to even go pick this suit up while it still mattered, I went and got the Decimator Set for my RP anyway. Here it is  if you so care. RP gear is quite bland, as I am seeing. I just want a damn hood.


I hit 17 last night, and am wearing two of the Obliterator pieces. The chest piece is waiting for my ding to RR17 tonight. Though work will try to get in the way of that objective.

As I found out, grinding PvE solo to get through the ranks with a RP is not a good idea. You rank quicker in RvR, then in trying to grind. So it looks like I will just have to enjoy my current time as top o’ tier. That’s right, I’m working on my Dwarf Speak. Wat ov it?

I see a good amount of traffic on my site. So horay. I get more readers or more hits, atleast than just guildies. I’m working on completing a full analysis on Defense Stats for my next blog entry. Look for it later today or tomorrow,



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