Back from Vacation and I have a New Itch

The lack of blog articles in the past week has been because I went on vacation. And in that time I rather play then blog about playing. I save that for down time at computers I can’t play on.


So at first I just decided to start my vacation with the PvE grind for a my WP. For a couple of reasons. Mainly because T4 is damn hard being a lowbie let alone not even Rank 40, so it felt right while playing during the day to just grind the hell out of PvE and rank up quick. Secondly, because the PvE storyline is actually kind of fun. And I haven’t done it since release last year.

Well, some where around 36 and bored, I went and roamed some RvR. Sure enough, everyone that day decided to play a healer. And the lack of dps was annoying.  So I then logged into my White Lion, Kauyon, once again. And wow, when I read about the AoE nerfage on the last patch I seriously misunderstood the amount of it. Hunter is not a path to use now with the White Lion. I feel like I was more of an annoying breeze than being a feared killer swinging my axe about. I couldn’t pay a Squig Herder to sit still and die with the amount of damage I was dealing. I would have run out of action points before it mattered. It was awful. They have truly ruined the class completely.

I think back now at all the times I have played my WLand thought of why I stopped playing him. At first it was just the matter of the broken Lion. It didn’t respond, it disappeared for no reason and cost AP and time to summon, it would run through mobs of champs and bring them right tooyou and your squishy friends, and mainly in the end just didn’t make the difference. It was a relief to finally get the tactic of Loner.

But hey, it was so broken that atleast the pet could walk through doors. Had atleast one use, until that was “fixed.” Funny, since I see Squigs in the keep with me all the time, now. /scratch head.

Then my precious Pounce. They ruined it, not once though, 4 times.

Those who didn’t play a WL in the beginning wouldn’t know. But the Pounce ability you can buy in the Hunter mastery is surely the only reason to play or keep playing a WL. And that ability has been the tampered with one of them all. It started as this weird jump that would fling you 30 feet forwards and when you landed you would land and give off an AoE hit. It would take 5 seconds, but it went off eventually. I guess the problem was that you could use it as a cheap get away off a cliff. You have seen morons jump to their death before, but you could pounce off and survive. Kind of like punting yourself.

Then they made it so that you have a target. Which was give and take. They ability wasn’t as fun, but now you could stalk and easily run down a target. Just pounce on them and lock em down. It was more of a catching tool then a AoE ability. And made up for the broken snare abilities.

You know when that Shaman just goes running about or away and you have no way of catching him cause you’re not a WH with a gun to snare, well the WLused to be able to charge them down and pounce them and get right on them to snare them down, and then beat them to a pulp. The pounce ability would put you right on the target as if you were pouncing them and then the target couldn’t get away. It was like an ability that actually did what it was called. Well apparently, that wasn’t the dev’s intention either.

Took them a bunch of months, but they neutered that too, you now pounce a couple feet in front of your target. Keep in mind that the pounce has a delay on it like any other ability after using it, that takes effect after you land. So if your target is running away, using pounce is a sure fire way to ensure that they do get away. As after the jump, you are somewhat immobile and not near your target. Plus, your AoE probably didn’t hit them. So you are just wasting AP.

Silly me, I didn’t think you could ruin the ability any further, but I guess it was still too popular. In the last patch the up’d the AP cost to 50 and reduced the AoE radius. Pounce; there was a time to log in your WL and have fun.

Super Meh

In the end I retired my WL once again. And I’m not really liking the WP as much as I once did. I’m not a great healer and unable to kill anything. So yesterday I logged a toon a stop playing too early. My level 9 Rune Priest, Laeg.

At one time I rolled three healing characters in a row, just to find the healer I liked. I guess technically, that experiment is still going. My WP (now 36), Archmage (now 24) and a RP (now 16). The idea and reason was we clearly needed healers in T4. It was just appearant everywhere I went with my WL (just before his last retiring). So I started an Archmage and leveled quickly to 20 and realized that I like the DPS of the AM more then the healing. Which is a good way to piss off everyone around you. I even pissed off one of my guildies.

But seriously, the AM gets 4 DoTs early on and they are all instant cast. Plus 2 very awesome instant attacks. Spec’d with Intelligence and mastered in Asuryan the AM is clearly a DPS fiend. As I am sure Duvent one of our servers RR80s and a DPS AM would probably confirm.

In one case in T2 I went to investigate a keep in Fangbreaka showing as doors down. So I go, no order around and sure enough there is a WB on the Lord. No champs, and the Lord is below 25%. Well, I don’t quite feel like running back to the WC (Warcamp), so I start on the ramp and just start DoT’ing everything I see that is squishy against the wall. I take like 2 or 3 Sorcs/SHs before a Zealot notices the problem. Too late for him, as he must have truly dedicated his heals elsewhere. 2 Choppasapproach and with some finely timed shields and HoTsI made it through with AP to spare. I find one other major healer other than the 2 DoKs on the Lord, a shammy outside on the ledge. Thankfully he was a lower level, took a good amount of time and I think it only was a kill because he ran out of AP. After his death the Lord just started killing wildly. One by one I down the tanks, as the DoKs were a nice treat for the Lord. The DoTs I gave them didn’t help their cause. And then the SH and Magi along the upper ramps. Search the place and find an empty keep. I just solo defended a keep. In all my characters I’ve never solo’d a WB. Now, I did catch them from behind, I was top of tier, and I’m well experience. Still, the DPS AM was wonderful. But there no way in hell that you can tell a WB that you need another healer in your group because you are ‘pew pew.’ That just doesn’t fly.

In case you were wondering the tick for the defense and the actual kills was enough to give me two RRs and a level.

So you try and do the  Isha path (healing) and the cast times are just killer. The heals are extremely effective, but cast times are a nightmare in close calls. And constantly you are being set back. The AoE Choppasensure that one. I now know why AM constantly rez you, its because they get instant rezzes for the damage they do, and its easier than actually getting the heal off in time just before you die.

In the mid 20s of my AM I immediately started a RP. And before I even left T1 I didn’t like the archtype. Individually casting buffs on friendly was not my cup of tea. Mixed heals and attacks in a mastery? Hmmmm … No. I was not liking the career. If I wanted to attack and heal, I would do it at the same time. So I started my 3rd WP, first on this server and studied Grace.

But I think I was too quick to judge. With my WP, I can only really be Grace when on a Keep Lord. I’m stuck Salvation outside, and on my own I can’t kill squat. I think I finally understand the RP. And yesterday within 3 scenarios I was paid 3 /tell compliments. Again, top of tier, excperience, and T1 is a different game, but I still like swimming in the sea of me.

I will now pay my time to this little guy, Laeg. Haven’t decided whether to power level him into T4 right away or enjoy my time in lower tiers. We shall see,


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